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Water and the City (re)developing the waterfront...

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1 Water and the City (re)developing the waterfront...
workshop presentation egea annual congress 14th October 2004

2 Waterfront – What a front....?!

3 Waterfront – What a front....?!

4 Waterfront – What a front....?!

5 Waterfront – What a front....?!

6 Hamburg Los Angeles San Pedro Berlin Cape Town Edinburgh Venlo Boston Opole Lelystad Barcelona

7 Cape Town – Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

8 Cape Town – Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

9 Cape Town – Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

10 Rotterdam – Kop van Zuid

11 Rotterdam – Kop van Zuid

12 Rotterdam – Cubic Houses

13 Duisburg Innenhafen – Inner Harbour

14 Waterfront development
(re)development of an urban waterfront area with the aim of connecting and integrating the water and the city

15 categories of waterfront development
Commercial Waterfront Cultural, Educational and Environmental waterfront Historical Waterfront Recreational Waterfront Residential Waterfront Working and Transportation Waterfront

16 case study and excursion
Venlo – Maasboulevard

17 Venlo – Maasboulevard

18 Venlo – Maasboulevard

19 Venlo – Maasboulevard

20 Venlo – Maasboulevard

21 Venlo – Maasboulevard

22 Venlo Maasboulevard eye to eye with the Maas
attract more visitors and investment improve the cities image create attractive public spaces

23 Venlo Maasboulevard eye to eye with the Maas
shopping center ( m²) underground parking garage (550 parking lots) 17-storey residential block with 155 flats expansion of the Maasport theatre hotel with 100 rooms public park (9000 m²) Marina pedestrian bridge over the old dock bars and restaurants

24 Venlo Maasboulevard SWOT analysis
strength: close to the historical city centre, German hinterland with many potential customers and visitors weakness: bad image of the city related to drugs tourism, less attractive urban environment opportunity: chance for upgrading the whole city centre, combine different functions like living, shopping, leisure and working threat: competion with the cities in the Rhine-Ruhr-area, will the investment really attract more people?

25 waterfront development
getting back to the water...?!

26 Thank you for your attention!

27 ...and thank you to our workshop leaders!!!

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