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2 MGT 321: Term Project  Students will be required to work in groups to complete the term project.  Each group will select a local or MNC company, interview a manager and prepare a comprehensive report  The report is intended to provide:  You and your team members an opportunity to conduct research  Demonstrate your ability to link organizational behavior related course content with the organization  Students should use primary and secondary research

3 Project Proposal  Each team should bring a 1 page hard copy in class: o Name of 3 companies o A brief profile of the company o The industry in which the company is operating  Names of the companies MUST be presented in order of preference  Course instructor will select one company for each team  Deadline for project proposal: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4 Project Overview  Students are to visit the company and interview the manager  The manager must reside in Bangladesh but can be a non resident  Plan ahead : Be cognizant about the operations of the company before interviewing the manager o It is strongly recommended that each team members should take turns to ask questions to the manager.  Prepare an interview questionnaire (Minimum of 10 questions).  Attach the interview questionnaire in the appendix of the report o Students can bring in a draft copy of the questionnaire to get feedback within 2 weeks after the term project is assigned to teams  Attach a visiting card of the manager

5 Report Outline  Company Background (be concise)  Values and Objective, Methodology, Scope (be concise)  Identify and prepare the report with reference to the following OB topics:  Leadership (leadership style of the manager; challenges to the effectiveness of leadership, )  Identify more than one OB concepts in relation to the manager’s leadership style  Create a personality profile of the manager  Direct interview questions to profile the manager under the concepts outlined in MBTI or Big Five Personality Model  Outline the manager’s strengths and weaknesses; values; and other relevant personality traits (if necessary)

6 Report Outline (contd.)  Motivation  Identify more than one OB concepts regarding motivation that is applicable for the manager  Identify motivational tools used in the organization:  Employee involvement programs  Extrinsic and Intrinsic rewards to motivate employees  Job Satisfaction o Identify factors leading to job satisfaction (or dissatisfaction)  Decision making (style, leader, group, biases)  Communication (Interpersonal, Organizational communication; choice of channel; barriers to effective communication)

7 Report Outline (contd.)  Team work and group behavior o Application of group properties o Types of teams used in the organization  Power and politics o Identify the formal power, personal power, power tactics used  Negotiation and conflict management o Negotiation process and conflict management techniques

8 Report Outline (contd.)  Organizational structure and culture o Identify the organizational structure o Type of departmentalization o Span of control; centralization/decentralization o Organization culture o Innovation or risk-taking; Attention to detail; Outcome, people, team orientation, aggressiveness, stability o Diversity and discrimination in the organization o Current HR policies and practices o Forces of changes that affect the organization o Ways in which the organization responds to changes; any resistance to change

9 Term Project & Presentation Deliverables  Cover page  Acknowledgement  Table of Contents  Executive Summary (1 page)  A report ranging from 10-15 pages o 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, 12, Justified.  A Bibliography section listing the reference of the articles, books and journals  Appendix (charts, graphs, data analysis, OB related concepts. In summary, any additional materials. There are no page limits to appendix)

10 Project & Presentation Evaluation Criteria  Standard Power Points/Prezi for the presentation. Be creative!  Assign a time-keeper to one group member to monitor individual presentation time.  Each member will be evaluated based on the clarity, presentation style, time management.  If any group member is absent, s/he will receive no points for the presentation.

11 Project & Presentation Evaluation Criteria  Application and synthesis of OB research materials and course contents  In-depth, appropriate analysis of the organization in relation to OB topics  Course instructor will examine how well students have been able to pick up and identify issues in the organization  Appropriate use of examples and illustrations  Proper citation of the reference materials (APA format)  Authentic report (No duplication of internet materials)  Peer evaluation form will also be accounted to evaluate individual contribution towards the project

12 Presentation Guidelines  13-15 minute group presentation.  2 minute Q&A  Each group member has to present for at least 2 minutes  Business casual attire during presentation  Presentation will be held during the last two classes of the semester.  Presentation dates of teams will be uploaded in the website

13 Submission Guidelines  Each group should submit 1 hard copy of the report in class. The date of submission will be announced later  Team should also submit PPT handout on the day of the presentation  Email a copy of the report the day before report submission  Email the presentation slides to the instructor the day before the presentation  Students must write course name: MGT 321, Section Number and Group Name in the subject line of the email  Each member should also submit hard copy of the peer evaluation form on the day of presentation. Evaluation MUST be confidential

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