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CIS101 Introduction to Computing Week 02 Spring 2004.

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1 CIS101 Introduction to Computing Week 02 Spring 2004

2 Agenda Blackboard tech tips Your questions MyDoom Links and the Discussion Board First Online Quiz Excel Next Week

3 BB Tech tips All problems immediately send e-mail to Use your Pace e-mail!! CC me on the problem Always use IE not Netscape If at all possible do not use dial up (AOL or MSN) If you have to, minimize AOL or MSN browser, then start up IE

4 Discussion Board Go to MyDoom discussion

5 Discussion Board Post a message to “Start Page” thread in Welcome to CIS101 forum Include a working link by either: Use anchor tag and select html option link text Or include full url and select smart text option

6 Strategic Importance of IT This week’s discussion board assignment Read both articles (Webvan & Walmart) Answer questions posted in discussion board

7 First Online Quiz 20 question, 30 minute quiz on concepts chapter one Must be completed by midnight before next class meeting Our class meets on Tuesday, must finish quiz by 11:59 pm Monday Quizzes are located in Quizzes

8 Quiz Folder If using dial-up modem you should first download and install Connection Keeper While taking quiz, your account may appear inactive to your ISP, and you may be kicked off Connection Keeper maintains connection to the Internet, even if you appear inactive Prevents a “timeout” by your Internet Service Provider Link to software under Web Sites button

9 Practice Quiz Each week has a practice quiz You can re-take the practice quiz again and again When you are ready, take the quiz that counts towards your grade Take the practice quiz for week 02 now to try it out

10 If you have problems Blackboard quiz sometimes has to be reset If you lose your connection and can’t get back to the quiz, send e-mail to your instructor requesting that your quiz be re-set

11 Excel Review of project one Charts Project two

12 Next class meeting In wireless room W401!!! Bring your laptops! And Excel Book! Complete Assignments, Week 02 First online quiz Upload complete project 2 Upload Excel homework based on project 2 Strategic IT Discussion Board Assignment Pick teams for “Excel Iron Chef” Competition

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