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CIS101 Introduction to Computing Week 05. Agenda Your questions Exam next week - Excel Introduction to the Internet & HTML Online HTML Resources Using.

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1 CIS101 Introduction to Computing Week 05

2 Agenda Your questions Exam next week - Excel Introduction to the Internet & HTML Online HTML Resources Using the HTML editor 1 st Page 2000 HTML Project One This week online Next class

3 One hour excel exam One hour exam Produce an excel spreadsheet that solves a specified problem Practice exam in Blackboard Solution will be posted to Blackboard by Friday

4 Excel exam topics Based on material from all three projects Charts Text and number formatting Formulas Conditional formatting Absolute versus relative addressing

5 What is the Internet? Global network of computers that are connected and communicate via a series of Protocols Protocols are rules that specify the transmission of data

6 Internet protocols TCP/IP – network protocols that govern how data moves around the Internet FTP – allows files to be transferred HTTP –transmits of Web pages

7 What is the World Wide Web? The youngest part of the Internet (~1990) Part of the Internet that supports multimedia and consists of a collection of linked documents Multimedia supported with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

8 Web Servers Computer connected to the Internet that stores and sends Web pages and other files Any computer with server software and Internet connection can be a server Copying Web pages to a server is called publishing Once a Web page has been published it can be viewed on any computer with an Internet connection

9 Internet traffic These Web sites display the global distribution of the Internet: To view internet traffic To trace the connection to a server

10 Web sites Related collection of Web pages created and maintained by an individual, company, educational institution or other organization Each Web site has a starting document (usually index.html) Every Web site is stored on or runs from one or more Web servers

11 Web browser Software that interprets and displays Web pages Input ->HTML Output ->Graphical Display

12 URLs Web page location is defined as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) URL is made up of protocol (ftp, http, etc), Web server, and (optional) Web page Example (Excel Quick Reference):

13 Web documents Web documents contain text, multimedia, and links to other documents Also know as Web pages, are written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

14 What is HTML? Platform independent page description language Will display on any computer HTML describes what a Web document will look like Uses special instructions called tags to define the structure and layout of a Web document Web document combines HTML tags and text

15 HTML Resources Go to Blackboard site, click Course Material Text web site Web Design Group HTML Reference (zip file you can download to your computer), or see Web site at Barebones Guide to HTML

16 Elements of HTML document HTML elements include headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks, lists, images, and other graphical elements Most HTML elements follow this pattern: start tagcontentend tag example: This is now bold

17 Web editors In order to create HTML documents you need to be able to create a text file with an extension of.htm or.html Can use HTML editor or any text editor Text uses Notepad, available on most computers This class will use HTML editor 1 st Page 2000 (free download)

18 1 st Page 2000 Will use this software in class for HTML and JavaScript If you want to install 1 st Page 2000 on home computer go to Blackboard, Web Sites, Software for download link Start up 1 st Page 2000 in Normal mode

19 1 st Page Startup Select New Documents Select blank document for HTML Project One For other projects and resume assignment can select HTML document (includes standard HTML tags)

20 The elements of a Web page Title – first thing you see Displayed in bar above browser Used when bookmarking Web page Body – content that displays in browser window Background – like wallpaper in Windows, can be color or picture

21 Elements cont. Normal text – the bulk of most Web documents Lists – bulleted or numbered Formatted text – bold, italic, fonts Graphical elements – HR (horizontal rule), images Hyperlinks – connection to another document

22 Project One Will produce a Web page using headings, a list, text, and a background color We will use 1 st Page 2000 rather than Notepad to create file

23 Viewing your Web page Use preview tab in 1 st Page 2000 or Open up page in browser (IE or Netscape) to view Click File Open and select document Start entering text (p. 1.11)

24 This week online Readings HTML Text Introduction to HTML Project One: Creating and Editing a Web Page No quiz this week

25 Next class meeting Bring your HTML book to class Study for Excel exam

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