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Roadmap Name Strategic Roadmap #n Interim Report April 15, 2005.

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1 Roadmap Name Strategic Roadmap #n Interim Report April 15, 2005

2 General Principles Each roadmap interim report is due 15 April and will be used for –Input to Integration Team Identification of important connections and synergies among roadmaps Enables development and assessment of draft architectures Preparation for Synthesis Workshops (May-June) leading to final architectures –Capabilities Roadmaps guidance –Information for other Strategic Roadmaps –FY07 budget development –Information input to NRC review process in advance of 1 June roadmaps –Exceptions: SR-7 (shuttle) and SR-12 (Education) are due TBD Format will be a viewchart format preview of the 1 June product –Each chart should have an informal narrative PowerPoint Note to elucidate contents –Approx. 20 pages total Anticipate that the 1 June product will be a completed, narrative version of the 15 April content in 30-40 pages plus appendixes –Plus a companion set of viewcharts that reflect final Roadmap content

3 Contents Roadmap achievements (~10-15 pages) –Your roadmap with its major options and branch points –Broken into timeframes as shown Roadmap requirements (~5 pages) –Key capabilities, dependencies on other roadmaps, assumptions –Human capital and infrastructure needs –Near-term priorities and gaps that should be addressed in upcoming NASA budget Roadmap summary (~2 pages) –A graphical depiction of your roadmap and a summary of major options and strategic decisions Other information (~1 page) –Pointers to any available information on cost of roadmap elements –Cooperation possibilities and benefits

4 Roadmap Achievements: Introduction Agency strategic objective(s) Specific roadmap objectives, along with any amplification that the roadmap team has identified –“Roadmap Objectives” are the 2-3 high-level statements of what each roadmap will achieve in the long term (example: Understand the past and present habitability of Mars) Summary of expected achievements (science, development, exploration, etc.) –These are more specific statements of what will be studied or developed in each major time period in order to address the Roadmap Objectives, with anticipated outcomes (example: Determine the history of water on Mars) Capture these on the summary table (next page) Summarize major alternative pathways or options, and the discoveries/developments or other factors which may lead us to choose one pathway or another

5 Roadmap Goal Structure

6 Roadmap Achievements: Detail A series of charts (probably 6-10 total) that describe expected roadmap achievements in 3 time periods or phases: –Near-term program (2005-2015) –Mid-term program (2015-2025) –Long-term program (2025 and beyond) –These are preferred timeframes to simplify integration - if there are other breakpoints that fit more naturally for your roadmap, use those For each phase, identify to the extent possible: –Specific expected scientific, development, or exploration results (What we hope to achieve) –Related investigations, major missions, or program elements (How we should plan to achieve it) –Drivers for sequencing of key milestones, either relative or absolute –Identification of priorities or plans/criteria for prioritization –Options and key decision points Based on potential outcomes or discoveries from within this roadmap, or possible variation in needs from other roadmaps Anticipated timeframe or sequence of key decisions, and the factors that will go into each decision

7 Roadmap Requirements Major needs from, dependencies on, and relationships to other strategic roadmaps Key required technical capabilities (prioritized where possible) and your team’s assessment of readiness and developments required –Include as much detail as possible on quantitative performance requirements, and the key milestones and cost of development programs to meet your needs Major required infrastructure elements and unique human capital or other needs Where appropriate, tie these to the specific milestones, missions, developments, or timeframes identified in the previous section Important: Include a one-page summary of the top 2-3 priorities from your roadmap that you feel represent significant gaps in NASA’s current program or investment plans –This information will be provided to the cognizant NASA mission directorates

8 Roadmap Summary Prepare a 1-page graphical depiction of your roadmap in a rough timeline format –Graphics can be very rudimentary (X’s and O’s are sufficient) –Show major options, branches, and decision points Prepare a 1-page text chart to accompany the above including: –Key agency strategic decisions –Factors that will drive the schedule/sequence of decisions –Identification of any specific dates by which certain milestones must be achieved, and why those dates are significant

9 Other Information Include any available information on cost of major missions or program elements –Or provide pointers to relevant information Summarize key cooperation opportunities (e.g. international, commercial, other government) that may reduce cost or enhance performance/value of roadmap activities

10 For Information Only: Revised 1 June Roadmap Outline 1.Agency objective statement 2.Flow-down to roadmap objectives 3.Implementation framework with anticipated achievements recommended major missions, program elements, R&D programs, etc. relative priorities to deliver achievements 4.Milestones and options, with decision points and criteria 5.Most critical inter-roadmap dependencies, technical capabilities, and infrastructure APPENDIXES A.National Policy Framework and External Constituencies B.Unique Education and Outreach Opportunities C.External Partnerships i.USG Agencies ii.International Partners D.Bibliography of Key Agency Documents and NRC Documents

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