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What is Advanced Placement (AP)?

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1 What is Advanced Placement (AP)?
Last year of High School Unlike IB it is not a prescribed program of study, it is individual courses and/or exams initiated by the school AP courses are the same as the Ontario curriculum with some enrichment An AP is only determined through an exam External exams dictate AP standing

2 History Founded in 1900 by the US based College Board
Purpose was to expand access to higher education

3 AP in HDSB Some HDSB schools offer both AP courses and exams (enriched Ontario curriculum) Some HDSB schools only offer AP exams All AP students complete all credit requirements for an OSSD Milton DHS, Burlington Central HS, Iroquois Ridge HS, Oakville Trafalgar HS and Abbey Park HS all offer AP exams

4 What is the International Baccalaureate?
Last 2 years of high school Internationally recognized certification in addition to gaining the required credits for an OSSD. 140 countries, 2,589 schools External exams dictate standards

5 History of IB Started in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968
Originally intended as a single program for internationally mobile students preparing for university Started in private schools, but now over half of IB schools are state schools

6 Qualification to be an IB school
Four Phases 1. Consideration phase 2. Request for candidacy/decision on candidacy 3. Candidate phase 4. Request for authorization/decision on authorization

7 IB authorization process

8 IBNA offices in New York and Vancouver
IBCA: Curriculum & Assessment Centre, Cardiff, Wales Talk about IB assessments IBO headquarters & IBAEM regional office, Geneva IBAP office in Singapore IBLA office in Buenos Aires

9 Four Programs PYP- Primary Years program (3-12 years)
MYP-Middle Years Program (11-16 years) DP- Diploma Program (16-19 years) IB Career related certificate (16-19 years) HDSB only offers DP and the Career related certificate in three High Schools; White Oaks, Robert Bateman and Georgetown

10 The IB Curriculum Model
group 1 language A1 group 2 second language group 3 individuals and society Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Creativity, Action, Service group 4 experimental sciences group 5 mathematics and computer science group 6 the arts and electives

11 IB Students will study... 1 subject per group (total of 6 subjects)
At least 3 courses (and at most 4) at the Higher Level The remaining at the Standard Level (SL) PLUS A 4,000-word independent essay Theory of Knowledge course 150 hours of community involvement

12 Diploma Requirements To be an IB Diploma Candidate, the student must complete the following requirements: complete all assessments (internal and external) for each subject in Groups 1 – 6 at least 3 subjects at the Standard Level (SL) and 3 at the Higher Level (HL) complete the Theory of Knowledge course complete Creativity, Action and Service (approximately 50 hours in each of Creativity, Action and Service, for a total of 150 hours) complete the Extended Essay

13 The core requirements — Extended essay
has a prescribed limit of 4,000 words offers the opportunity to investigate a topic of individual interest familiarises students with the independent research and writing skills expected at university

14 The core requirements — TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
interdisciplinary course exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines encouraging an appreciation of other cultural perspectives

15 The core requirements — CAS (creativity, action and service)
encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work fosters students’ awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena

16 Sample IB timetable

17 The Pre-IB Program 2 years of preparation Disciplined approach
Challenging prescribed program Preparation for the IB Diploma Program Clustered classes Student workshops

18 Sample IB Program* Model
group 1 English HL group 2 French B SL group 3 History Geography Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Creativity, Action, Service group 4 Biology SL Chemistry HL Physics SL group 5 Math Studies SL Math SL Math HL group 6 Music Theatre Arts Film * Pending approval Spring 2007

19 Successful IB Diploma Graduates:
Also earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) Get a second look from university admissions officers Enjoy higher rates of university acceptance

20 Numbers of IB students in HDSB schools
White Oaks Pre-IB 653(Milton students 147) IB 190(Milton students 80) Robert Bateman Pre-IB IB 89 Georgetown DHS Pre-IB 116(Milton students 5) IB 58(Milton students 4)

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