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International Baccalaureate

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1 International Baccalaureate
Gunn High School

2 IB Program For the past year, Gunn High School has been exploring the possibility of becoming an International Baccalaureate school.

3 IB Overview The IB program of education was created in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland, as an academic program to challenge students and to connect internationally their education.

4 IB Overview The coursework is accomplished during a student’s junior and senior year of study and students are challenged in six different subjects of which three must be Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL).

5 IB Overview In addition, the students are required to take Theory of Knowledge (TOK), write an Extended Essay (EE) and perform 150 hours of service through Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

6 IB Overview Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is the core of the IB program.
TOK requires students to reflect on their roles as knowers.

7 IB Overivew Extended Essay (EE)
4000 word essay on any topic that covers one of the subject areas. Student works with advisor on the essay.

8 IB Overview Creativity Action Service (CAS) Creativity Action Service
Student performs 150 hours, approximately 50 hours in each field. The service work asks students to plan, do and reflect.

9 IB Overview In the three HL and three SL courses, the students are scored on a 1-7 scale with 4 representing a passing score. To receive an IB Diploma, the student must earn a combined score of 24.

10 IB Overview Students will receive three bonus points for EE and TOK.
Score of 30 or better allows for students to receive special consideration from many universities. UC System 30 points=30 units USC 30 points=20 units

11 IB Overview Academic institutions worldwide accept the IB as excellent preparation for college level work.

12 IB and AP While both IB and AP programs are challenging and similar in the fact that passing scores on the tests allow for a student to receive college credit, they are different in their approach.

13 IB and AP The IB program has more of an international and interdisciplinary perspective and is considered by many to have a broader spectrum and greater depth in the way it covers material. Also, the IB program is much more recognized internationally by universities than the AP program.

14 IB and AP IB has an assessment model than includes the teacher. AP is strictly the test in May. IB uses a model where both the teacher and the test are used to arrive with the final score. Teacher Assessment (40%) Exam Assessment (60%)

15 Why IB at Gunn? We feel the IB program would be a good fit for Gunn High School. Our school already has an international community and perspective and our students are well prepared for the rigors and the challenges of IB.

16 Why IB at Gunn? We also like the approach IB has towards education. Many teachers at Gunn have gone to IB conferences and have found that IB is much deeper in the way students learn and they like the fact that IB emphasizes on “what students know” rather than what they don’t know.

17 Gunn Research on IB We have had over 20 teachers representing every department in school attend conferences and/or visit schools

18 Gunn Research on IB We have had discussions with or visited the following IB schools Capuchino Sequoia Coronodo Mission Viejo Granite Bay Berkeley San Jose Academy Scotts Valley

19 Gunn Research on IB Over the past year we have had numerous teachers attend workshops and visit IB schools

20 Gunn Research on IB To a person, everybody has been impressed with approach to education that IB fosters.

21 Gunn Reseach on IB Positive Observations about IB
Interdisciplinary approach Significant writing component Community Involvement with a service learning component Teachers play an integral part of student’s assessment (40% of it is based on teacher assessment, 60% on the exam) Teaching students to “think”

22 How Would IB Look at Gunn
We look to offer a program that will expand options for our students. Our goal is to design a program that will be accessible to all students In our research, every math lane at Gunn could lead to an SL Math class.

23 How Would IB Look at Gunn?
In the beginning the approach would be more in the Humanities (English, Social Studies, Languages, Theatre) as possible High Level courses. Math and Science would be Standard Level (other courses would be available in SL such as Languages).

24 When could the program start?
The earliest the program could start at Gunn would be with either the Class of 2013 or 2014. Gunn High School can begin the application process this summer. IB Accreditation takes at least one year.

25 Next Steps IB application process
Continue having teachers visit schools Continue having teachers attend conferences Develop IB curriculum Identify and recruit potential students

26 IB Link For more information about IB, go to
Click on Diploma Programme Click on University Recognition

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