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The Tourism Geography of Africa

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1 The Tourism Geography of Africa

2 Learning Objectives Describe the major physical features and climates of the Africa and understand their significance for tourism Appreciate the social and economic factors behind the development of tourism in the most important African destinations Recognize that aside from development in North Africa and South Africa, the countries tourism potential is largely unfulfilled Appreciate the nature of the demand for inbound tourism to sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the importance of safaris Describe the major international gateways and the relevant features of internal transport in Africa’s major tourist regions Outline the organisation of tourism in the major destinations of Africa. Be aware of the interrelationships as well as the differences between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Demonstrate a knowledge of the tourist regions, resorts, business centres and tourist attractions of Africa and the islands of the western Indian Ocean

3 Africa: Introduction Large continent/poor tourism performance Access
Economic development Organisation Politics Health and safety Investment Huge potential

4 North Africa One third of arrivals to continent Physical contrasts
Coasts Mountains Deserts Demographic time bomb Morocco Demand Supply Resources Agadir Marrakech Fez Casablanca High Atlas Tetouan

5 Tunisia Algeria Demand Supply Resources: Demand Supply Resources:
Roman cities Hammanet Monastir Sousse Djerba Demand Supply Resources: Mediterranean Coast Algiers Mountains Deserts Libya

6 East Africa Physical contrast Great Rift Valley Climate
Wildlife/Safaris Safari impacts Kenya Well developed Arrivals declining Resources: Game reserves Indian Ocean Nairobi

7 East Africa Uganda Sudan Ethiopia Eritrea Somalia Tanzania
Less developed than Kenya Resources: Mount Kilamanjaro Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Reserve Indian Ocean (Zanzibar) Uganda Sudan Ethiopia Eritrea Somalia

8 Southern Africa Resources: South Africa Changing political climate
Demographics Infrastructure Temperate climate Demand Domestic/outbound Inbound Supply Resources: 11 national parks Cape Peninsula Garden Route Natal Transkei Johannesburg Pretoria Sun City Cape Town

9 Indian Islands Madagascar Comores Reunion Mauritius Seychelles
Managed tourism High standards Seychelles Two island groups More IT market than Mauritius

10 West Africa Cote d’ivoire Togo Nigeria Cameroon Other countries
Coastal focus Ethnic tourism Special interest tourism Eco-tourism Adventure tourism Supply issues Gambia IT industry Senegal Cote d’ivoire Togo Nigeria Business tourism Cameroon Other countries

11 Central Africa Atlantic Islands Rwanda Burundi Congo St. Helena
Ascension Tristan de Cunha Sao Tome Principe Cape Verde

12 Southern Africa Lesotho Swaziland Botswana Namibia Zimbabwe Zambia
Game reserves Niche attractions Zimbabwe National parks Harare Bulawayo Zambia Malawi Angola Mozambique

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