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Date: in 12 pts Education and Culture High People-to-People Dialogue Session on Youth Beijing, 6 September 2014.

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1 Date: in 12 pts Education and Culture High People-to-People Dialogue Session on Youth Beijing, 6 September 2014

2 Education and Culture Youth in Action programme (2007-2013) Participants from China could take part in: European Voluntary Service 40 Chinese volunteers participated in EVS between 2011- 2013 Cooperation with other Countries of the World 2

3 Education and Culture Number of Action3.2 projects approved and participants 3

4 Education and Culture Project example: Changing Lives Led by JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT YOUNG ENTERPRISE EUROPE (JA-YE) NGOs involved: JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT CHINA and Bulgaria, Estonia, Sweden, Korea, Denmark, Kenya and Brazil. Aims Raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship education across the world, and Introduce entrepreneurship as a career option by presenting successful role models. Activities Visit of about 400 schools to introduce youth entrepreneurship to pupils, Training of 18 youth ambassadors, who then trained up to 180 other young people 90 short videos on youth entrepreneurship, Creation of a Portal for the Changing Lives Campaign targeting 63,000 young people. 4

5 Education and Culture Non-formal learning opportunities for young people 5 Erasmus +

6 Education and Culture Erasmus+: Why a new approach? Education, training and youth: a changing landscape Deep economic crisis and high youth unemployment Vacancies exist, but skills gaps and low employability of graduates Growing requirement for high skilled jobs A global competition for talent: internationalisation of education Extraordinary broadening of learning offer and potential of ICT Complementarity between formal, informal and non formal learning Need for closer links with world of work 6

7 Education and Culture Europe 2020 targets: Raising higher education attainment from 32% to 40% Reducing the share of early school leavers from 14% to less than 10% ET 2020 strategy The EU Youth Strategy (2010-2018) The European dimension in Sport / EU Work Plan on Sport The strong international dimension, particularly as regards higher education and youth Link to policy objectives 7

8 Education and Culture Erasmus+ youth specific objectives » Improve the level of key competences of young people; » Promote young people's participation in democratic life; » Foster quality improvements in youth work; » Enhance cooperation between youth organisations; » Complement policy reforms at local, regional and national level; » Support the evidence-based youth policy making; » Foster the recognition of non-formal learning; » Strenghten the international dimension of youth cooperation and promote youth mobility. 8

9 Education and Culture Activities under Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (Continuity of Youth in Action) - Youth Exchanges - European Voluntary Service - Mobility and training of youth workers Key Action 2 (including cooperation with Partner Countries) - Strategic Partnerships - Capacity Building Key Action 3 - Structured Dialogue: young people + decision makers 9

10 Education and Culture Eligible Partner Countries 10 -Asia, incuding China -Central Asia -Latin America -Iran, Iraq, Yemen -South Africa -ACP countries -Industrialised countries

11 Education and Culture Aims: To foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth between Programme Countries and Partner Countries from different regions of the world (ACP, Latin America, Asia, Industrialised Countries) Main activities: Strategic cooperation between youth organisations on the one hand and public authorities on the other hand in Partner Countries Cooperation between youth organisations and organisations in the education and training fields as well as with representatives of business and labour market, as well as with NGOs Key Action 2 : Capacity Building (1) 11

12 Education and Culture Main activities: Raise the capacities of youth councils, youth platforms and national, regional and local authorities dealing with youth in Partner Countries Enhance the management, governance, innovation capacity and internationalisation of youth organisations Launch, test and implement youth work practices Implement youth mobility activities from/to Partner Countries (Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service, youth workers' mobility) Key Action 2 : Capacity Building (2) 12

13 Education and Culture Youth exchanges: 5 – 21 days13 – 30 years16 – 60 participants Must take place in the country of one of the participating organisations European Voluntary Service: 2 – 12 months17 – 30 yearsup to 30 participants Volunteer from Programme Country volunteers in Partner Country Volunteer from Partner Country volunteers in Programme Country Mobility of youth workers: 5 days – 2 monthsno age limitup to 50 participants Must take place in the country of one of the participating organisations "Embedded Mobility": Key Action 1-type mobility activities between Programme and Partner countries 13

14 Education and Culture Duration: 9 months to 2 years Maximum grant: 150 000 € Transnational: minimum 3 participating organisations from 3 different countries of which at least 1 Programme Country + at least 1 Partner Country 14

15 Education and Culture -Cooperation between youth organisations and public authorities to launch an international volunteering programme in the region of Partner Countries (following the model of EVS) -Cooperation between youth organisations and labour market representatives to develop tools for the recognition of skills acquired through non-formal education, volunteering and alternative educational pathways Project examples 15

16 Education and Culture C ompetences A sia, Africa, America and many others P eer education A pproach is bottom-up C ross sectorial - formal education, labour market I nnovation, impact on structures T ransnational Y oung people and youth workers 16

17 Date: in 12 pts Education and Culture Thank you for your attention

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