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Shaping Eastern Europe

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1 Shaping Eastern Europe
Chapter 9 Section 3

2 Geography Shapes Eastern Europe
Balkan Peninsula Mountains region Triangular land extending to Mediterranean Danube River and Vistula River Goods and cultural influences traveled these rivers

3 Migration Contributes to Diversity
Ethnic Group Group of people who share same language and cultural heritage Slavs West Slavs (present day Poland) South Slavs (Balkans)

4 Christians and Muslims Influence Region
Byzantine missionaries: Eastern Orthodox Christianity through Balkans

5 German knights and missionaries: Roman Catholic Christianity to:
Poland Hungary Czech Western Balkans

6 Jewish expulsions and migrations
England, France, and Spain expelled Jews because: Black death Crusades 1262 Prince Boleslaw of Cracow protects Jews Polish toleration for 500 years


8 Three Early Kingdoms Develop
Poland Hungary (Magyars) Balkan Kingdom

9 Poland Roman Catholicism Queen Jadwiga and Duke Wladyslaw married 1368
Poland-Lithuania largest in Europe Political power: monarchs to nobles Diet: assembly Single noble vote block passage of laws

10 Hungary (Magyars) Roman Catholicism
Hungarian King sings: Golden Bull of 1222 Similar to Magna Carta Limits royal power Mongols overran Hungary 1241

11 Serbs in the Balkan Kingdom
Orthodox Christianity Stefan Dusan (king) Ottoman Turks overran in 1389 Culture similar to Byzantine Empire

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