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The Ontario high school tutorial

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1 The Ontario high school tutorial
Apply to College Online Accept an Offer Online The Ontario high school tutorial © 2010 OCAS Application Services Inc. Fall 2012

Cost-effective solution Job prospects/career Hands on work experience Variety of programs & locations Smaller classes Transferability to other programs Offer degree programs with easier access than university

Explore your options – tours, websites, books (pick 5 and a maximum of 3 at one college)! Research all program admission requirements. Have a valid & suitable account. Think of a username & password and record it. Know your Ontario Education Number (OEN) Know your correct address and postal code. Have a credit card number, including expiry date, (VISA, MasterCard or American Express), if you plan to pay online.

4 Finding your O.E.N. OEN Number
Help with the online application is available in a number of places, including the “Common Questions OUAC 101” link on our website, the “Help” screens within the application and the Applicant Services Support Desk. Students should also refer to the 101 Instruction Booklet, available online, for university program code information and other details, making sure to view the addenda for the most up-to-date program information. They should also visit eINFO at:

5 January 15, 2013 Apply early and WIN!
IMPORTANT DATES January 15, 2013 Apply early and WIN! February 1, Equal consideration date Earliest admission offer date for all applicants. Earliest date that applicants may confirm an offer of admission. May 1, By this date, applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission. June 17, Earliest date that the colleges can require payment of tuition fees.

6 APPLICATION STEPS: Go to website
Go to Apply: Sign Up Today Record application number, as needed for future contact with colleges. Pay & Print a copy of your application summary for your records. Make changes to your application on-line. Confirm offer once decided –Check your inbox for a message from with your account information.


8 5 CHOICES IN ORDER Record your Account Number and Application Number.
Received Date – is the date your application processing fee payment is received and processed. You may apply to a maximum of FIVE program choices with no more than THREE at any one college. List your programs in order of preference. You cannot create additional applications to apply to more programs. (sorry!)

Click ‘Edit’ to change program information OR ‘Delete’ to remove the program from your application. Click ‘Search for a Program ’ to add additional programs Use the green arrows to reorder your program choices (if required). Click ‘Done Adding Choices’ to move to the next step.

10 APPLICATION FEES !! Pay your $95.00 application fee online by VISA, Master Card or American Express or by mailing in your payment. You may also call the OCAS Customer Contact Centre to make your payment by phone.

11 WHO SENDS MY MARKS? The Peel Board will send your grades electronically. Check your grades on OCAS site! You do NOT have to send OCAS paper transcripts (except your summer school marks!!)

1st semester final marks and 2nd semester mid-term marks Grade 11 marks count! Conditional offers If you get a conditional offer, keep working hard towards your final marks.

13 WHERE DO I GET HELP? Call 1 888.892.2228 OR Email
Speak to your guidance counsellor!

14 DO IT NOW ! (Feb 1st deadline!)
WHAT TO DO NOW? NOW IS THE TIME! Complete your research (5 choices) Visit a campus or two! Create your account today! Have your payment ready! DO IT NOW ! (Feb 1st deadline!)

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