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Welcome!. Applying to Ontario’s Universities Compass.101 for Ontario Secondary School Students

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1 Welcome!

2 Applying to Ontario’s Universities Compass.101 for Ontario Secondary School Students

3 Checklist Before using COMPASS.101 you will need: A PIN (Personal Identification Number) Our school number: 947210 Your student number A list of your researched options An e-mail address

4 Research Your University Options -Visit eINFO ( to see what each university has to -Check out university publications, websites and tours. -Talk to your counsellor, teachers and friends. -Write down your program choices and keep them handy.

5 Mark Your Calendar Towards the end of November 2011 OUAC PINs will be distributed. January 11, 2012: Latest date to submit completed applications to OUAC February 7, 2012: Recommended last day to make changes to your application. May 29, 2012: Date by which the universities must respond to your application for admission. June 1, 2012: Earliest date by which the universities may require a response to offers of admission and a financial commitment.

6 Payment $$$$$: $125 gets you 3 selections (maximum 3 at any one university). $42 more for each additional selection. It is best to pay the application fee by credit card at the time of application. Your application will be submitted immediately. This is to your advantage. You can pay by money order or certified cheque but your application will not be submitted until OUAC gets the money.

7 Computer with Internet Access You must apply to university online You can apply from any computer with internet access You are welcomed and encouraged to use the computers in the Student Services office The Student Services staff is happy to help you.

8 Go to to apply Click on COMPASS Account to begin Enter the school number Enter the student number and your PIN number Click on “Log in now” Prepare your application

9 Remember Once you click “submit”, you will verify all the information on your application. Once you have selected the “ I verify and agree” button, you can no longer change your application information for 48 hours. You will receive an OUAC reference number when you choose your method of payment and click on the “finish” button.

10 Important Print the screen displaying your OUAC Reference Number (2012-xxx-xxx) and further instructions; it’s the screen right after the final Submit step. Highlight the reference number and record your PIN and store them in a safe place. This is what you will need in all your future correspondence with OUAC.

11 OUAC Reference Number and PIN Use your OUAC Reference Number and PIN to access the online “Review and Change Your Completed Application” system as well as to respond to offers of admission.

12 Need Assistance? See your Guidance Counsellor. OR Call OUAC at 519-823-1940 for general inquiries.

13 Language Requirements If English is not your first language, you must have had 3 to 4 years of full-time study in an Ontario secondary school or you must write an English proficiency test e.g. TOEFL, CAEL, CanTest even if you have completed ENG4U. Each university sets its own rules. The admission office in each university will advise you on whether you need to write a test or not.

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