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Literary Analysis Workshop

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1 Literary Analysis Workshop
Unit One Literary Analysis Workshop

2 Plot is the series of events in a narrative.
Plot and Conflict Key Terms: In Your Own Words: Plot is the series of events in a narrative. Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. What the story is about… A fight, problem or challenge

3 Plot and Conflict In Your Own Words: Key Terms: 3. An internal conflict is a struggle within a character’s mind. 4. An external conflict is a clash between a character and an outside force. 3. Inside a person (emotional struggle or has to make a choice) 4. Outside a person (environment, society, another person, peer pressure)

4 Stages of Plot “The Mountain”

5 A. Exposition Introduces setting and characters
Sets up mood and conflict

6 B. Rising Action Builds suspense Plot complications develop

7 C. Climax The highest point of action! A turning point in the story.

8 D. Falling Action Tension eases Reveals the results of the climax

9 E. Resolution Final outcome Ties up loose ends THE END

10 Chronological Order Key Term Chronological order is the series of events in the order in which they happen.

11 flashback: Flashback is an account of a conversation, episode, or event that happened before the beginning of the story.

12 Image or memory aid for flashback:
1 2 3

13 Shows how past events led to the present
What flashback does: Interrupts the story Provides background Shows how past events led to the present

14 Strategies to recognize flashback:
Look for clue words and phrases such as “that summer,” “as a young boy.” Keep track of chronological events.

15 Foreshadowing Foreshadowing is a writer’s use of hints or clues in early scenes to suggest events that will occur later.

16 Image or memory aid for foreshadowing:
1 2 3 4

17 What foreshadowing does:
Prepares reader for later events Creates suspense Makes you want to keep reading

18 Strategies to recognize foreshadowing:
Notice repeated ideas and descriptions Notice characters acting strangely

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