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4-2 What Shapes an Ecosystem?

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1 4-2 What Shapes an Ecosystem?
Pg. 90

2 A. Biotic and Abiotic Factors
1. Biotic Factors- biological influences on organisms within an ecosystem. 2. Abiotic Factors- Physical or non-living influences on an ecosystem.

3 Labeling! A for Abiotic or B for Biotic
Water Fish Frog Rock Dirt Air Plant Bacteria

4 B. The Niche 1. Niche- full range of physical or biological conditions in which an organism lives and the way in which it uses those conditions. Example: Warbler Niches Pg. 92

5 18m=60 ft

6 C. Community Interactions
1. Competition- Organisms of the same or different species attempt to use resources at the same place and at the same time.

7 Brainstorm! List 3 things in an ecosystem that you think organisms would compete for…….

8 C. Community Interactions
2. Predation- Interaction in which one organism captures and feeds on another organism.

9 C. Community Interactions
3. Symbiosis- Relationship in which 2 species live closely together. Ticks flies maggots on rhino bird eats

10 C. Community Interactions
4. Mutualism- Situation in which both species benefit. (Type of Symbiosis)

11 C. Community Interactions
5. Commensalism-Situation in which one species benefits and one species is neutral. (Type of Symbiosis)

12 C. Community Interactions
6. Parasitism- One organism lives on or inside another organism and harms it. (Type of Symbiosis) Wasp on caterpillar

13 Symbiotic Relationships Between 2 Species
Mutualism Positive + Commensalism Neutral 0 Parasitism Negative - Symbiotic Relationships Between 2 Species

14 Mutualism 1 Parasitism Commensalism Types of Symbiosis

15 T Match Madness Competition Predation Mutualism Commensalism
Parasitism Polar Bear catching fish Barnacles on whale skin Tapeworm in human intestines Two Lions fight for food Ant takes care of aphids, aphids feed ants T

16 D. Ecological Succession
1. Series of predictable changes in an ecosystem in response to natural and human disturbances. Come up with one example of a NATURAL disturbance and a HUMAN disturbance to the environment. Natural Disturbance-_________________ Human Disturbance-_________________

17 D. Ecological Succession
1. Primary Succession- Succession on surfaces where there is no soil. Example: Volcanic Eruption builds new islands; only ash and rock, no soil.

18 D. Ecological Succession
2. Secondary Succession- Restoration of an ecosystem after a disturbance. Example: After a wild fire, trees begin to grow and other living things inhabit the area.

19 Exit Ticket: Word Splash
Using the Words below, Write one paragraph using 5 complete sentences. Biotic, Abiotic, Niche, Community Interactions, and Ecological Succession Underline each of the words required in your paragraph please!

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