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Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1150 – Introduction to Computer Information Systems Systems Analysis and Design Chapter 12.

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1 Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1150 – Introduction to Computer Information Systems Systems Analysis and Design Chapter 12

2 Chapter12 2/23 Overview Describe Phases of the Systems Life Cycle Identify Information Needs Analyze Existing Information Systems Evaluate Feasibility of Alternative Systems Test New Software and Hardware Switch Information Systems Perform Audits and Periodic Evaluations Describe Prototyping and RAD

3 Chapter12 3/23 Systems Analysis and Design Problem-solving Procedure Examine and Improve Information Systems Systems Life Cycle

4 Chapter12 4/23 Project Management Project Manager Plans, Schedules, & Controls Activities Establishes Scope Goals, Objectives, & Expectations of Project List Required Activities Time Required Cost Estimate Order & Dependency

5 Chapter12 5/23 Project Management Software

6 Chapter12 6/23 Project Success Successful On-time, On-budget, All Features Challenged Late, Over Budget, Less Features Failed Cancelled or Delivered but Never Used Standish Group 2012

7 Chapter12 7/23 Project Success Smaller Projects Have Better Success Standish Group

8 Chapter12 8/23 Project Success Shorter Projects Have Better Success Standish Group

9 Chapter12 9/23 Project Success Average Percentage Above Estimate Standish Group

10 Chapter12 10/23 Project Success Notable Project Failures FAA Air Traffic Control $1.5B – 1994 IRS Modernization $3.4B – 1997 DoD Business Modernization $19B – 2004 200 Inventory / 450 Personnel Systems Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Dramatically Higher Death Rates – 2002

11 Chapter12 11/23 Preliminary Investigation Define the Problem Information Needed By Whom, When, and Why Suggest Alternative Systems Prepare a Short Report

12 Chapter12 12/23 Systems Analysis Data Collected About Present System Analyzed New Requirements Determined Gather Data Expand on Data Gathered During Phase 1 Research Questionnaire One-on-one Interview Observation

13 Chapter12 13/23 Systems Analysis Analyzing the Data Learn How Information Currently Flows Understand Why There Are Issues Tools Grid Chart Decision Table

14 Chapter12 14/23 Systems Analysis Analyzing the Data Tools System Flowchart Data Flow Diagram Automated Design Tool CASE

15 Chapter12 15/23 Systems Analysis Documenting Systems Analysis Systems Analysis Report Describes Current Information System Requirements for a New System Possible Development Schedule

16 Chapter12 16/23 Systems Design Designing Alternative Systems Feasibility Study Economic Technical Operational Selecting the Best System Overall Fit with Current Information System Flexibility Security Cost / Benefit Analysis ROI (Hard vs. Soft)

17 Chapter12 17/23 Systems Design Develop All Details of System Write Technical Specifications Details Functionality & Scope of Project Request for Quotation (RFQ) Vendor Quotes Price For Listed Hardware Request for Proposal (RFP) Vendor Quotes Price For Software Based on Specification

18 Chapter12 18/23 Systems Development Acquiring Software Purchase Outsource Design Acquiring Hardware Turnkey Solution Complete System Provided by VAR Value-added Reseller Purchases Products from Manufacturer Resells Them, Offering Additional Services Must Meet Certain Requirements

19 Chapter12 19/23 Systems Development Testing Phases Alpha (Employees) Beta (Customers) Unit Each Individual Program Works System All Programs in Application Work Together Integration Application Works with Other Applications Acceptance Verifies New System Works with Actual Data

20 Chapter12 20/23 Systems Implementation Types of Conversion Direct Parallel Pilot Phased Training One of Most Commonly Overlooked Activities Scheduling Conflicts

21 Chapter12 21/23 Systems Maintenance Ongoing More Time and Money Spent than Other Phases Systems Audit System Performance Compared to Original Design Periodic Evaluation Determine Whether Goals Are Being Met

22 Chapter12 22/23 Prototyping and RAD Prototyping Model Users Interact and Provide Feedback Systems Analyst Revises Prototype RAD (Rapid Application Development) Use Powerful Development Tools CASE Higher Cost, Shorter Development Time

23 Chapter12 23/23 Careers in IT Systems Analyst Plan and Design New Systems Reorganize Company's Computer Resources Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Technical Experience Annual Salary of $49,000 - $93,000

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