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Systems Analysis & IT Project Management Pepper. System Life Cycle BirthDeathDevelopmentProduction.

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1 Systems Analysis & IT Project Management Pepper

2 System Life Cycle BirthDeathDevelopmentProduction

3 System Development Life Cycle Planning –> Project development Analysis -> System Requirement Design -> Application Specifications Implementation -> Working system Maintenance -> Ongoing until death

4 Waterfall SDLC Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance

5 Planning Assemble the team (outsource?, JAD) Identify opportunities Justify project Choose development methodology Develop a schedule Produce a project development plan

6 The team Outsource JAD (joint application Development) Could be you Planning

7 Identify Opportunities - PIECES P -> performance (respond too slow) I -> information (info users need in time) E -> economics (costs too much) C -> control (decisions in wrong hands) E -> efficiencies (needs too much of user) S -> service (too hard to use) Planning

8 Justify project New product / service Lower costs Compete Planning

9 Choose methodology Structured – start from process analysis Information engineering – start from the data Object oriented – look at who does what with what data Rapid application – get out a prototype Planning

10 Prototyping Developing Prototype Systems Scalable Systems System Specifications (Specs) Functional Specifications Three Objectives Analyze current situation Identify information needs Develop a model of the target system Rapid Application Development (RAD) Monthly Technology Update

11 Finishing Planning So you can start analysis (system requirements) Very high level schedule Very high level goals

12 Waterfall SDLC - Analysis Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance System Requirements

13 Analysis Study the one you have System requirements document Case Tools can help Document requirements using DFDs, ERD, OOD

14 Computer-Aided Software Engineering CASE tools – Analysis & Design Design tools Information repository tools Program development tools Software Engineers Custom Programs Courtesy of Federal Express Corporation. All rights reserved.

15 CASE Tool Kit Contains Design tools User interface Screen generator Layout Report generator Information repository tools Cross-referencing system (database) Packages system documentation Program development tools Application Generator Generation of text data

16 Data Flow Diagram Entity Symbol Process Flow line Data Storage Data Flow Diagram: Focus is on information flow Entity Relationship Diagram: Focus is on attributes of entities and relationship between them. Web Site Web Site

17 Object Oriented Focus on what people will do with the system – Start with the users Use case diagrams Class diagram Sample Sample2 sample3

18 ERD Entities (Files) Attributes (fields) Relationships Good web site

19 Waterfall SDLC - Design Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance Design Specs

20 Design Identify and evaluate solutions Turnkey, Package, Custom, In house Centralized, distributed, web Decision support worksheet Select hardware and software RFP and RFQ Develop application specification doc Followed by change requests – feature creep Get approval – detailed cost and plan

21 Flow Chart Combination of symbols and flow lines portrays the logic of the program or system Main Program LoopSubroutines Flowcharting Online Storage Input/ Output Display Printed Output Computer Process Predefined Process No Yes Terminal Point Decision

22 Waterfall SDLC – Implementation Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance Code, Test, Live

23 Implementation Purchase hardware and software Code software if required Test Unit, integration, system; Acceptance testing Document system – system and user Train users Convert data Install system Parallel, phased, pilot

24 Waterfall SDLC – Summary Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance

25 Assignment - Planning Determine team members Interview to find out what system they could use – (Unless they have a system on excel -> look at information part of PIECES.) Write short statement of goal and schedule. (Use assignment page for schedule. Explain what system you will create.)

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