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Chapter 3: Configuring the Windows Vista Environment.

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1 Chapter 3: Configuring the Windows Vista Environment

2 Windows Vista Management Utilities Microsoft Management Console Registry Editor Device Manager 2/14

3 Microsoft Management Console Type MMC in Search box Framework to organize and standardize administrative tools – “snap-ins” Author mode and three User modes 3/14

4 Microsoft Management Console 4/14

5 Registry Editor Allows access to Registry REGEDIT 5/14

6 Device Manager Used to –View a list of all hardware that is installed on your computer –Determine and update device drivers –Change hardware settings –Disable, enable, and uninstall devices –Use driver rollback –Troubleshoot devices –Print a summary of devices 6/14

7 Device Manager 7/14

8 Managing Device Drivers System Tools > Device Manager in Computer Management Right-click device, choose properties, click Driver tab Update Driver… button starts Update Wizard 8/14

9 Managing Disk Devices Hard Disk Drives –See Chapter 7 DVD, CD-ROM –Double-click device name in Device Manager 9/14

10 Managing Display Devices 10/14

11 Power Management Built-in power plans –Balanced –Power saver –High Performance Create custom power plan –Based on one of the built-in power plans 11/14

12 Power Options 12/14

13 Advanced Power Settings Monitor, hard disk, and sleep settings Require a password on wakeup Power button and lid actions Multimedia settings 13/14

14 Managing Windows Vista Services 14/14

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