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Customer Campaign Planning & Engineering Selling Broadband Products Dr. Evangelos Xevelonakis CRM Project.

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1 Customer Campaign Planning & Engineering Selling Broadband Products Dr. Evangelos Xevelonakis CRM Project

2 2 Defining The Business Problem A Telecommunication Company has the strategic goal to acquire new customers in the broadband area. The acquisition program should target customers with similar needs and characteristics in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. For this purpose the marketing department decided to use a segmentation approach. Two different segments were defined:  The cost conscious customers (60 000)  The professionals (40 000) Cost Conscious customers are looking for the best possible deal and will change their calling pattern to fit the cheapest rates that are offered. They have a vocational education and live in the city. Typical professions are handcraft and service jobs. They could be influenced by friends, colleagues and TV. Professionals are extremely comfortable and knowledgeable about the internet. They use it for work, online banking, shopping, and sharing price information or for trading. They have a academic education. Typical professions are IT Specialists, Engineers or Marketing specialists. They leave near the city and are seeking actively information. Time and Efficiency are very important for them.

3 3 Modelling Customers The Data Analysis Department developed a Propensity to Buy Model using predictive modelling techniques. This model was used to calculate the likelihood of potential customers to accept the offer. Decile Take Rate With No Model Take Rate Using a Model 10% 35% 20% 60% 30% 70% 40% 78% 50% 85% 60% 90% 70% 94% 80% 97% 90% 99% 100% The picture compares the performance of a customer selection using the predictive model with the performance of a random selection.

4 4 Designing the Customer Program Within the strategic planning the company decided to carry out two customer campaigns: one for the cost conscious and one for the professionals. The developed predictive model should be used for defining the target group. Following parameters could be used for this purpose: Campaign „ Cost Conscious“ - Cost for Call Center€ 6.— per Contact - expected Take Rate 3% - Margin20% - Cost of the addresses€ 0.35.– per Address - Costs for the Incentive€ 30.– per new contract - expected customer revenue €1500.--- per Year Campaign „Professionals“ The decision was to carry out a two step campaign: - Costs for Direct Mail € 3.-- - Cost for the Call Center €10.-- - expected Take Rate 2% - Margin20% - Cost of the addresses € 0.35.– per Address - expected customer revenue €. 2000.—

5 5 Tasks You are CRM Advisor in the company and you are expected to support the Marketing Department to design a successful campaign. Your goal is to achieve a high take rate with low costs. Following tasks have to be carried out:  Defining the Campaign Plan. Time Frame. Involved persons. etc.  Designing the Campaign. Calculate the model lift. Calculate the annually expected profit for the model based and random based Selection for all deciles (10% steps). Define the optimal target group using Excel. Discuss the model oriented approach (Risks, chances). Discuss the limitations of this approach

6 6 Tasks  Communication Develop the right message for each segment. Use thereby the segment profiles.  Skills, Process and Systems. Develop the required process for the operational part of the campaign. Use thereby the Event Driven Diagram. Discuss the required systems for carrying out thr campaign. How can you evaluate the success of the campaign?

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