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Team Breeze Adam Diana Jeremy Robin Santiago. The improved entry system.

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1 Team Breeze Adam Diana Jeremy Robin Santiago

2 The improved entry system

3 Abstract  High-Security Automobile keyless card entry.  It Provides Access to Doors/Ignition  Dual Security Features  Smart SIM and Micro-Punch

4 claims -Higher security then standard vehicle Keys -Larger master key range. -Style and Design -Convenient -More Modern -Information Storage

5 design Thin Flat Flexible Light weight Sleek Durable Scratch resistant

6 Similar Products Patents (383) 20050023901 20050096970 30040166741 20040046452 20030163716 20030111527 20030062986 20020040935

7 Diagram Key Card reader illustration Internal sensors read the position of each hole for identification purposes

8 Materials 1.Stainless steel alloy sheeting 2.Subsequent technology Infrared reader Precision lasers for production Smart SIM cards Plastic for card reader Major advantage = reduced material usage and related hardware

9 Manufacturing Costs 1.Machinery – (will vary upon actual sales) high precision laser cutters Prices vary from $20,000 up $250,000

10 Initial cost The first prototype might cost up to $200 Large costs come into play not within the production but within the users decision on data base sizes for multiple master keys. At large volumes of cut keys individual prices per automobile manufacture may go down below one dollar.

11 Customer base

12 Specialty Vehicle Markets

13 Premium High End Vehicles

14 Marketing Movie stars – in scene ads Music Stars – in video ads –Both ads are more subliminal than direct Car Magazines –Custom car markets

15 Marketing Strategy Target Country: The United States, Japan (all major cities and states including: New York, LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Tokyo). Target Population: Ages 18-60. anyone who owns a vehicle or can drive. Specific Target Market: adults and young adults. Celebrities.

16 Marketing Strategy Pricing Price: Distribution/Place: website, all major electronic stores, car dealerships, etc. Product Line: Eventually in the future there will be more modified features. First goal is to focus on mainstream figures (celebs) and eventually and slowly the whole public.

17 Promotion The internet, through the main website TV: commercials, celebrity promoters. Magazine/Newspaper advertisements Billboards

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