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Survey Question Read Recite Review

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1 Survey Question Read Recite Review
SQ3R Survey Question Read Recite Review For students who have difficulty concentrating on their reading, or who forget what they have read the minute they finish, SQ3R will help them to process what they have read. This is just one of many strategies that has proven to be successful and is appropriate for all content areas. To make the best use of this Power Point, teachers should model each step of the process and check for student understanding during the presentation. Each step will be explained in detail on the following notes pages. Remind students that it works! You will need to encourage them to follow through on all of the steps and model each step for students the first time through. You might want to try an experiment with this process to prove its effectiveness. Choose a heterogeneous group to move to another location (library, another class with teacher permission) to simply read the text. Once they have completed the reading, give them a test on the materials. With the remainder of the group, proceed through each step of the process. Compare test results.

2 Survey Title Graphs and Pictures Introduction and Conclusion
Bold-faced or italicized print Questions First and last sentence in each section or paragraph Survey-Step #1 Title-By reading the title and all of the sub-titles, students will help their minds to prepare for the subject. Graphs and Pictures- The charts, maps, diagrams, etc. are usually there to explain or define a point. Intro and Conclusion - Provide the framework for the reading, much like an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph provide the bookends for an essay. Bold-faced or Italicized print – provide the structure for the thoughts and details to come. Questions - The chapter questions are designed by the authors to help students sort and comprehend the material. By reading the first and last sentence of each section students will again orient their minds to the reading.

3 Question Turn headings into questions
Divide sheet of paper in half lengthwise Form your own questions Look at questions at end of section or in margins Write questions in your own words Students should write the questions in their own words to help process the information. The better the questions, the better the understanding of the material. Students write questions on the left hand side as they survey the piece. See next slide for example from Health text. (Teachers) Often students will skip the reading and go directly to the text to search for answers to the questions on the worksheet or at the end of the chapter if they are given this assignment prior to reading. By completing this very directed and active reading approach, students will read the entire selection and process answers to the questions as they read.

4 Chapter 9 Managing Stress in Your Life?
What are the different types of stress? How does the body react to stress? What is fatigue? What does personality type have to do with stress? What are signs of stress? See overhead in binder (Attachments) for a more detailed outline of chapter. The Glencoe Health text has a great deal of information on every page. Once students are accustomed to the page layout of the book, it will be easier for them to focus on key concepts. The health concepts at the beginning of each lesson should help direct student focus. This activity may be completed by focusing on one Lesson at a time.

5 Read Read each section one at a time with questions in mind
Read to answer questions Read selectively and separate out non-essential information As students read, they should be answering the questions both in their minds and in writing on the right hand side of the paper. They may need to add more questions during this process as they discover relevant material that has not been addressed in their previous questions.

6 Recite Stop after each section Recall questions Answer from memory
Do not go on to the next section until you can recite Students should recite each question out loud, one at a time and answer each question verbally. This is not an activity that lends itself to a class activity unless the teacher and the students are completing the entire activity together. This step is an essential piece and students need to practice saying the answers out loud to take full advantage of this strategy. One way to handle the recite portion of this strategy is to stop students during their reading at various intervals and ask them to work with a partner and take turns asking the questions and reciting the answers. Students will be able to see if they have identified similar information as relevant and will also be able to quiz each other on the sections of the text.

7 Review Mentally review notes within 24 hours
Review again after one week Review again before exam Since we are on a 4 x 4 schedule at UMHS, chapter and unit tests may be given in shorter periods of time. The schedule for review should be adapted accordingly. These notes can be combined with the Cornell notes for each chapter to give students a record of the entire text. This final step will help students to add the information to both their short and long term memory. (Teachers-Your top students and those who have excellent reading and comprehension skills may balk at completing all of the steps. Remind them that you are teaching them a strategy and that they may complete the steps in their heads once they have demonstrated mastery. Also, as they proceed through UMHS and eventually enter college, the material will become more challenging. If they establish solid reading habits now, they will be more efficient and successful as the reading becomes more rigorous. Finally, if we adapt this strategy as part of the UMHS way, students will see a consistency across the disciplines that hopefully will translate to increased comprehension.

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