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My hobby Урок – презентация Тема: «Увлечения» 6 класс

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1 My hobby Урок – презентация Тема: «Увлечения» 6 класс
Выполнила учитель: Сухобезводненской МОУ СОШ английского языка I квалификационной категории Кузьмичёва Л. Н.

2 Poem Good morning! Wake your body, Wake your mind
Work, play, seek and find. Ski in the forest, Skate in the ring. Jump, swim, dance and sing.

3 Theme is “Our hobbies & free time”
gardening reading travelling collecting hobbies going to the theatre sport listening to music dancing cooking

4 Merry go-round What is your hobby? What is your mother’s hobby?
Do you like cooking? Are you fond of sport? Do you like picnics on weekends? Are you interested in reading? Can you swim very well?

5 Continue [m] – music, … [k] – collecting, … [n] – singing, …

6 Make up the dialogue Hello! How are you? I am watching TV. Hi!
Fine, thanks. What are you doing? Sorry, I am busy. Let’s go to the cinema. Let’s go tomorrow. Ok, Bye


8 Mariya Vitkovskaya My name is Mariya Vitkovskaya. I am twelve
and study in the sixth grade. I have got a big family. My hobbies are reading, riding a bike and cooking. My mother is fond of knitting, cooking and gardening. My father is best at fishing and reading. I have got an elder brother Vitalyk. He is fond of computer games and sports. We have got family hobbies. We often play football, basketball and tennis. Every weekend we do sports together. We are a sporty family!

9 Pavel Kainov My name is Pavel Kainov. I am 12 years
old. I study at school, sixth grade. My hobby is sport. In winter I prefer skiing and skating. When I have free time I watch TV and play computer games. I have got two pets: a cat, a dog. I play with them, feed them, brush them. My mother’s hobby is cooking. My father’s hobby is fishing.

10 Alina Lebedeva My name is Alina Lebedeva. I am in the
sixth grade. My hobbies are music and dancing. I have been studing at the musical school for 4 years. My favourite composer is Chaikovski. In my free time I love to play the piano and listen to music. I can relax. Music and dancing makes me happy and comfortable.

11 Dmitri Tyagaev I am Dmitri Tyagaev. My favourite
hobby is reading and music. I am fond of reading detective stories. My favourite Writer is Yevgeny Nekrasov. On weekends I ski in the forest with my mom and dad. We are a sporty family. Reading helps people to be intelligent. Sport makes people sporty.

12 Olga Grishina I am Olga. I am 12. I have got a cat. I
take care of my cat. I love to feed it Brush and play with my cat. My mom’s Hobby is cooking. In my free time I like to roller – skate. I love to skate. It Helps me to be healthy.

13 Dmitri Bulatov I am Dmitri Bulatov. My hobbies are reading,
playing computer games. My mom’s hobby is cooking. My father’s hobby is fishing. In summer we often go fishing together. Fishing helps to relax and understand nature. Reading makes people clever.

14 Svetlana Veselkova My name is Svetlana Veselkova. I study at
school in the sixth grade. When I have free time I love to read books, to play Computer. My mother’s name is Irina. She loves cooking and gardening. I help my mom in the kitchen and in the garden. We have a lot of flowers at home. On weekends we arrange picnics in the garden and in the forest.

15 Tatyana Suslova My name is Tatyana Suslova. I study at
school in the sixth grade. After school I read books, help my mom in the kitchen. My mom is fond of cooking. She likes to bake pies. On Sundays we cook together. My father is fond of watching sport TV programmers.

16 friendly educated sociable healthy Hobby makes people strong intelligent clever creative

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