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Politics of Power and Protest U. S. Political History, 1877-1900.

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2 Politics of Power and Protest U. S. Political History, 1877-1900

3 Politics of Paradox Democrats and Republicans were about evenly matched Few new ideas on the national front Voter turnouts were high despite stalemate of divided government Major issues: Civil Service Reform, Tariff, Monetary Policy, and Populist Revolt

4 Presidents Hayes—better process for filling political appointments Garfield—shot by Charles Guiteau Arthur—despite ties to Roscoe Conklin, he did support the Pendleton Civil Service Act Cleveland—ran afoul of G. A. R. over Dependent Pensions Harrison—Tariff of 1890 and Sherman Silver Purchase Cleveland— Depression of 1893

5 Dead Presidents

6 Politics of Protest Populism—rose out of Granger Movement and Farmers alliances Reflected frustration with problems in industrial capitalism—railroad rates, monetary policy, farm prices Farm Interests Merge with Labor in Populist Party in 1891

7 Populist Platform Free and unlimited coinage of silver 8 hour work day Nationalization of R. R. and public utilities Immigration Restriction (contract labor) Mechanics Lien Laws No Pinkerton’s as Strike Breakers Graduated Income Tax Postal Savings Banks

8 1896 Election Democrats carried 1892 election against Populists’ General Weaver 1893 Great Depression Monetary Policy key in 1896 William McKinley and Republicans were wedded to Gold Standard Populists and Democrats fuse behind William Jennings Bryan

9 Bryan “Let us not press down upon mankind, this crown of thorns; let us not crucify mankind upon this cross of Gold.”

10 1896 Election McKinley wins Klondike gold rush adjusts money supply Farm and Labor issues coopted by major parties

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