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Getting Your EMS Started: Policy Statements EPA Regions 9 & 10 and The Federal Network for Sustainability.

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1 Getting Your EMS Started: Policy Statements EPA Regions 9 & 10 and The Federal Network for Sustainability

2 2 Objectives After this discussion, you should be able to: List the things that should be included in an environmental policy statement Describe the importance of a policy statement Determine if your agency has a policy statement

3 3 Overview Definition of a policy statement Importance of a policy statement Timing the development of a policy statement Examples of policy statements

4 4 Definition An environmental policy is a statement by an organization of its intentions and principles in relation to its overall environmental performance which provides a framework for action and for the setting of its environmental objectives and targets. (ISO14001)

5 5 ISO 14001 Requirements In an ISO 14001 conformant EMS, an E. policy statement must: Be appropriate to the nature, scale and E. impacts of its activities, products or services Be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees Include a commitment to: –Continual improvement and prevention of pollution –Compliance w/ environmental regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes Be available to the public

6 6 ISO 14004 on Environmental Policy Some other considerations in developing policy: Coordination with other organizational policies – safety, quality Specific local or regional conditions Life cycle thinking Involvement and communication with interested parties Work toward sustainable development Use of EMS by suppliers and contractors

7 7 Policy Statement Importance Demonstrates management commitment Defines framework for EMS –for example, ISO 14001 3rd party registration self-declared Provides framework for setting objectives and targets

8 8 Timing the Policy Statement Policy statement may not be first step Review your agency’s policy Determine level of awareness of EMS with senior managers Make a case for EMS first

9 9 Making a Case for EMS Identify your facility’s priorities –Mission statements –Resource allocation Determine management’s priorities Ground the EMS in those priorities –Improve compliance –Reduce cost –Enhance mission

10 10 Examples of Policy Statements Executive Order 13148 DoD USD/ATL Memo - April 5, 2002 EPA EMS Implementation Policy - May 17, 02 USAF Memo - January 5, 2001 Army OASA(I&E) Memo - July 13, 2001 NPS - Memo from Director DoE Notice 450.4 - February 5, 2001

11 11 Statements from Facility Managers Facility managers represent lowest level of management chain with operational control over EMS aspects Most employees follow the lead of the facility manager, not environmental managers

12 12 Writing the Policy Statement Make policy statement consistent with EMS framework Appropriate to activities at facility

13 13 Summary ISO 14001 defines minimum pieces of a policy statement ISO 14004 provides further assistance Policy provides framework for EMS – key document Timing of policy statement is important Many agencies already have policy statements – but may need changes

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