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Waste Management and Energy Opportunities (EDITED) Steve Cox Anaerobe Systems 3/09/2007.

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1 Waste Management and Energy Opportunities (EDITED) Steve Cox Anaerobe Systems 3/09/2007

2  Founded in 1975  Microbiology supply company  Primarily deal with anaerobic bacteria  Make culture media for growing anaerobes  Petri plates  Test tubes  Research

3 Hydrogen Production  Hydrogen can be produced through fermentation  Bacteria use sugar for energy, but throw away the hydrogen  Basic process: 1 C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6 H 2 O -> 12 H 2 + 6 CO 2

4 Control the Process  Currently, wastewater is filtered and treated in ponds  Transform the ponds into monitored and controlled environments  Combine engineering with microbiology

5 Organism Selection  Millions of microbes that will break down organic matter  Byproducts of one are food for another  Choose an organism based on your food and what you want produced

6 Production  Strictly under anaerobic conditions  Control pH, temperature, and nutrients  Collect, process, and store gasses (CO 2, H 2, others)  Process our own waste (yes, processing food waste gives us even more waste!)

7 Our Process 1. Determine the best microorganism to use based on the food waste 2. Filter large solids from the waste stream 3. Supplement the waste stream with essential nutrients

8 Process, cont. 4. Sterilize and inoculate 5. Control and monitor fermentation 6. Collect gasses 7. Process waste

9 What About Our Waste?  Hydrogen  Carbon Dioxide  Organic Acids  Dead Bacteria  Unused nutrient

10 Hydrogen  Used on-site, not stored  Consumed in a combustion engine, turbine, or fuel cell  Electricity supplied to the the processing plant  Waste heat used to sterilize initial waste stream or to heat fermentors

11 Using the Hydrogen  1,300 gallon fermentor run continuously can yield about 5 kW of power per day  Consumes about 7,000 gallons of feed stock per day  Pepper Plant: 100,000 gallons per day 70 kW of power per day

12 Carbon Dioxide  Can be used in refrigeration system to freeze peppers  Can be separate, stored, and sold Dry Ice Compressed CO 2

13 Organic Acids  Acetic acid is main waste product  Distilled out from waste water  Used to make plastic, as a food additive, and as vinegar  Market price is $5/gallon ($215 per barrel)  U.S. Demand is 1.5 billion gallons

14 Other Leftovers  Distilled Water – reused in the process or sold  Solid Waste – reused in the process as food source or tilled into fields

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