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BSc in Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy, Trinity College,

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1 BSc in Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy, Trinity College,

2 What does an occupational therapist do? As an occupational therapist you enable people to do the activities that are important to them regardless of their physical or mental ability. These activities may be work or school related self-care related leisure related

3 Occupational therapists facilitate a diverse range of people to learn new or better ways of achieving satisfaction in day to day living through involvement in meaningful activity or occupation.

4 Examples of the kinds of things occupational therapists might do include: Improve the play and movement skills of a baby or child with a disability. Work with a disabled or elderly person to modify their home environment to suit their needs so they can manage independently and safely. Assess the driving ability of someone with a disability. Visit work places to assist people to modify their jobs and design better work areas to suit their needs.

5 Help people select equipment and appliances, such as wheelchairs, assistive technology and dressing aids, to increase their independence. Assist people with mental illness (e.g. depression or schizophrenia) to learn necessary life skills, such as cooking, banking, etc. Estimate costs for future care in medical-legal disputes. Travel to Third World countries to set up rehabilitation programs. Research the health effects of participation in meaningful occupations.

6 Occupational therapists can work in: Hospitals Rehabilitation units Schools Community health centres People ’ s homes

7 Occupational therapists work alongside Social workers Physiotherapists Speech and language therapists Nurses Psychologists Doctors Teachers Architects

8 What kind of person do you need to be ? If you are social, compassionate, patient, analytical and a problem solver, then you might be the kind of person who would make a good occupational therapist. If you are considering applying for the course, you should visit an occupational therapist at work.

9 Salary Scale Occupational Therapist –€32,738 - €43,614 Senior Occupational Therapist –€43,527 - €51,525 Occupational Therapist Manager –€52,788 – €63,227

10 Salary –Internationally many entrepreneurial occupational therapists enjoy healthy incomes in the private sector. –Sometimes occupational therapists have moved into related areas where the ceilings on salaries are much higher, particularly in management, administration or consultative positions.

11 BSc in Occupational Therapy Four year degree course 40+ places 505 points random selection (2005) One science subject required 10% mature students > 23 years Classes between Trinity Centre for Health Sciences St. James Hospital and Trinity College campus

12 BSc in Occupational Therapy What subjects do you study? –basic sciences such as anatomy, psychology and physiology –medicine, paediatrics, orthopaedics and psychiatry –theories and practice of occupational therapy –clinical skills and fieldwork

13 work play Self-care leisure


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