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Occupational Therapy Caitlin Cosgrove College Students.

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2 Occupational Therapy Caitlin Cosgrove College Students

3 Occupations include.. Self care Work Play Leisure

4 Therefore, Occupational Therapy is.. a treatment that helps people become successful in their everyday occupations. Independence is the main goal in ones daily life

5 Who do OTs work with? People all across the lifespan Infants to Elders Motor skills Self help skills Arousal Attention Sensory Clients have health problems that effect their..

6 What education is required? At least a Masters degree in the field Takes about 2 ½ years to complete full time Needs to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy

7 How much do OTs make? The median is around $70,000 a year Would that suit your lifestyle and needs? Limited on stress Working with new clients often Form meaningful relationships with each patient

8 Where can you work? Physical Rehabilitation Mental Health Services Pediatrics Research Schools Hospitals

9 Personality traits Personable Trustworthy Optimistic Realistic Respectful Encouraging Patient

10 Skills needed to be successful? Good Judgment Decision making skills Active listener Time management Speaking Writing

11 Team Work! You may need to collaborate with a PT, speech therapist, nurse, or social worker with a certain patient


13 Classes I should be taking now? Anatomy and Physiology Psychology Sociology Kinesiology Lifespan Development

14 Are their Master programs in NJ? Stockton Kean The University of Sciences in Philadelphia


16 Is this a good field to get into? It reached Forbes top 10 best Masters degrees for jobsForbes USNewsUSNews declared it one of the best health care jobs

17 Do I need to become licensed? Yes, graduates must pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy certification exam.


19 Help, I’m not 100% sure this career is for me! That’s okay! Take some time out and shadow an OT Get to see how they work and which age range you are most interested in.

20 Outlook for the upcoming years


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