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Course Technology *Instructor* Navigation Guide YOUR NAME YOUR EMAIL.

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1 Course Technology *Instructor* Navigation Guide YOUR NAME YOUR EMAIL

2 Getting Started ► CoursePort is an easy navigation site that allows you to control your Course Technology textbook websites in one secure location. ► CoursePort is a service provided by Course Technology. When purchasing a new textbook, a free student keycode will be provided inside the book. Students who do not buy a new book must purchase a key code from Course Technology. ► You are not required to setup a course section for your students. They can access all of the website information when they create their personal account.

3 Step 1 – Initial Login Screen ► - or - ►

4 Step 2 – Logging In ► Instructors will use their username and password. If you do not have a username, contact your local sales representative.

5 Step 3 – Creating a Class ► The instructor will click Create a Class.

6 Step 4 – New Class Information ► The instructor will fill in the class name, description of the class, and choose the textbook and click Submit.

7 Step 5 – Class Confirmation ► The instructor will receive confirmation along with a Class Code. This code is very important because it will be used by your students to register into your class section. ► The instructor must make the students aware of this class code.

8 Step 6 - Gradebook ► The instructor can now use the navigation links at the top to go to the Class Gradebook. Each class section that the instructor teaches will be available from this location. Simply click the link to the class you would like to open.

9 Step 7 – Class Reports ► Instructors can now track many of the activities associated with the textbook websites. A good example is the quiz area.

10 Technical Support ► Technical Support is always available for students to use when they have questions about a Course Technology product. ► Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday: 8:30am ET - 8:00pm ET Friday: 8:30am ET - 6:30pm ET Phone: 800-648-7450, option #4 Email:

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