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Homework Manager First Day of Class Student Registration Instructions.

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1 Homework Manager First Day of Class Student Registration Instructions

2 Product Logo Here 2 1. Students go to instructor URL: July 05

3 Product Logo Here 3 Student Registration New Student Registration 1. Click “Register as a Student” The User’s Guide is linked and downloadable from the homepage.

4 Product Logo Here 4 Student Registration 2. Enter Code (provided with text or purchased online) If a code wasn’t packaged with your text, buy one at 3. Enter the * Required information & email address

5 Product Logo Here 5 Student Registration 4. Students review information and either click “Yes” to confirm or “No” to go back and edit their information.

6 Product Logo Here 6 Student Access Click on assignment name to begin View policies for assignment

7 Product Logo Here 7 Student Access Students enter Login & Password to access each assignment Password can be auto-emailed to student

8 Product Logo Here 8 Student Access Simple navigation within Homework Assignment “Grade” button grades the Assignment

9 Product Logo Here 9 Student Access – During the Assignment The internal idle clock is set to 60 minutes. If you have Homework Manager open but have been inactive, you will receive a 5- minute warning at 55 minutes. You will be instructed to use the “Next,” “Back,” “Jump To,” or “Save my work” buttons to ensure that your work is not lost. Save work often.

10 Product Logo Here 10 When you submit your work you will receive a final score. Click “View Details” to see side-by-side feedback Student Access

11 Product Logo Here 11 Student Access Side-by-side feedback: Incorrect answers are highlighted in yellow and correct answers in green

12 Product Logo Here 12 Student Access – Log Out Once an assignment is submitted, you can return to the homepage or rework the assignment (when multiple attempts are allowed)

13 Product Logo Here 13 Technical Support Technical Support Contacts Visit: Call: (800) 331-5094 Expanded Fall Hours: Sunday: 6pm to 12pm EST Monday – Thursday: 8am to 12pm EST Friday: 8am to 7pm EST July 05

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