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Sociology 317: Youth and Society Library presentation by Hua Yi Spring, 2004.

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1 Sociology 317: Youth and Society Library presentation by Hua Yi Spring, 2004

2 Objectives For your Term Paper Find books Find articles Find Web Sites APA Citation Style

3 Your Study Focus Compare Youth issues in two societies – Racial discrimination – Gender inequality – Youth in poverty – Educational conditions – Health ineuqalities

4 Country Background Information Country information put your research perspectives. There are several sources of information on countries. Country Watch -- up-to-date information on many countries of the world, including a key set of political and economic information. Country Watch CIA Fact Book -- basic information about countries, such as population, language, religion, etc. Give a quick glimpse of countries. CIA Fact Book Cambridge Encyclopedia of... (China, India, Latin America and the Middle East etc..) detailed information provided. Cambridge Encyclopedia of...

5 Book search: Databases Available CSUSM Library Catalog (our library) CSUSM Library Catalog The Circuit (4 academic libraries in San Diego area) The Circuit Melvyl (UC system) Melvyl

6 Book Search: Searches subject field of a record 1. Youth + [country] i.e. Youth Great Britain 2. [Aspects of studies]+ Youth i.e. Homeless youth 3. Youth + aspects of studies i.e. youth employment Europe

7 Book Search: Keyword searches different fields of a record (youth or adolescen*) and poverty (educat* or school*) and (youth* or teen*) and Japan* Will discuss in detail in article search

8 Article Search Steps 1: Write your topic statement: clearly defines what you are looking for. 2: Break the topic down into concepts and choose the terms to express the concepts. 3: Connect the terms with the operators "and" "or". Use truncation and parenthesis when needed. 4: Select the best database for your topic. 5: Review your results & select the articles for your topic. 6: Get your hand on the article you want

9 Three techniques for effective searches: steps 2 and 3 truncation: i.e. "sex*" will get "sex, sexual, sexism" etc. --> more discussion synonyms: i.e. women, woman, female, girl --> more discussion Boolean operators and parentheses : i.e. (women or female) and (pictur* or portrait*) and (mass media not tv) --> more discussion and illustration.

10 Sociology and Women's Studies Database: Step 4 EBSCOhost --[SFX Enabled] interdisciplinary and full-text access. EBSCOhost JSTOR--fulltext backfiles of core scholarly journals, cross- disciplinary JSTOR Project Muse --full-text scholarly journals cross- disciplinary ScienceDirect -- full text access and cross-disciplinary. ScienceDirect Sociological Abstracts --[SFX Enabled], comprehensive for sociology and related fields, abstracts. Sociological Abstracts Social Services Abstracts -- [SFX Enabled], focused on social work, human services, and related areas; abstracts. Social Services Abstracts Womens Resources International (1972-present) -- comprehensive for women's studies, abstracts only. Womens Resources International(1972-present)

11 How to get full-text article: Step 6 1. If full text – get it 2. If you see, click on it 1. Link to online full-text article 2. Give you location for print journal in our library 3. Give you an interlibrary loan form to fill 3. If you don’t see the above two choices, go to the library catalog and type the journal title in title search to see if our library has it. 1. If library has it, get the call number 2. If library doesn't have it, use InterLibrary Loan

12 Examples 1. Topic: correlation between family violence and divorce in Britain 2. Concept - 1. divorce violence 3. Britain 3. Search Statement - (family violence or wife abus*) and (divorce or separation) and (Britain or United Kingdom or England) 4. Database - Sociological Abstracts 5. Review results and select an article Hague,-Gill; Wilson,-Claudia "The Silenced Pain: Domestic Violence 1945-1970 " Journal-of-Gender-Studies; 2000, 9, 2, July, 157-169. 6. Click,SFX window reveals EbscoHost database has the full- text article. Click the link to EbscoHost and retrieve the article.

13 Conduct Research on the Web Use Subject Gateway – SOSIG SOSIG – SociSite SociSite Follow Professional sites (departments, professors, librarians) – Sociological Tour of Cyperspace, Sociological Tour of Cyperspace – Library Research Guide: Sociology Library Research Guide: Sociology Search Engine (when you have particular names and phrases) – Anomic Suicide Some Database – Sociological Abstracts Sociological Abstracts

14 APA Style (library has the book & an online guide is here)here Book Bllom, A. (1987). The closing of the American mind. New York: Simon And Schuster. Article Henry, A. (1990). Making the grade in today's schools. Time, 135, 28- 31. Pipho, C. (1998). Voter apathy or voter overload? Phi Delta Kappan 6 (2), 101-102. Retrieved January 14, 2003 from Academic Search Elite database. Web Site Kearl, M. (n.d). Gender & Society. Retreived January 14, 2004 from

15 Citation Style Guides ASA Style Guide See the list here

16 Sociology Research & Resources Assistance Sociology Information Tutorial Library Sociology Subject Guide

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