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Misconceptions of Philosophy

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1 Misconceptions of Philosophy
Philosophy deals only with abstractions; it is not concrete or practical Philosophy is just a game arguing about words Philosophy is only an expression of personal opinions

2 Philosophy: the Pursuit of Wisdom
Born of wonder: Why are we here? Who are we really? Does God exist? Why is there evil? Why should we care about others? Aim: to clarify ideas and evaluate the reasons given to justify beliefs: What do you mean? How do you know? Purpose: to achieve autonomy, freedom to decide what to believe

3 The Philosophic Drive for Autonomy: Plato’s Myth of the Cave
The activity of philosophy is difficult because it requires that we question our most basic beliefs in seeking to understand why things are the way they are

4 How Philosophy Differs From Science, Law, and Religion
Philosophy challenges believers to explain and defend claims of religious truth Philosophy questions the assumptions and procedures of science Philosophy does not merely accept social beliefs or laws; it asks how they are justified

5 Areas of Philosophy Epistemology (the study of knowledge):
How is knowledge different from belief or opinion? Is there only one truth, or can different views be equally true? Ontology/Metaphysics (the study of the nature of reality): What is the difference between appearance and reality? Is there a God? To what extent are human beings really free?

6 Areas of Philosophy Axiology (the study of values):
Ethics: Is there a real difference between moral right and wrong? Social & Political Philosophy: Why do we have social and political obligations? Aesthetics: What is art? What is beauty?

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