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professional TELECOM solutions

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1 professional TELECOM solutions
Corporate Presentation – Jan 2011

2 Who we are?  ’the accumulation of minor adaptive traits, over time, leads to new species’ C. Darwin 

3 Quality of Service Monitoring ITU-T Y
Quality of Service Monitoring ITU-T Y Bandwidth Profile - Availability

4 Verification of Telecom Service Level Agreement (SLA)

5 Network Design (Hardware, Firmware, Architecture)

6 Interconnectivity Labs
IPTV, VoIP, SDH, C-Ethernet, QoS, Synchronization, FTTH

7 VoIP consultancy, roll-out, approval,, troubleshooting.

8 IPTV consultancy, integration, roll-out, approval, monitroing.

9 T&M hand-held instruments, for E1, Jitter/Wander, Datacom IP, VoIP, IPTV, Ethernet, S-Ethernet, 10G

10 Assist the Migration from TDM to Carrier-Ethernet

11 Professional Training on Telecoms

12 Emulation of Network Conditions

13 With today's ever-changing and always demanding market, ALBEDO Telecom continues generating high quality results which often surpasses our customer's expectations by means of a qualified team of engineers and the most advanced tools.

14 AT-2048 E1 Datacom Jitter & Wander
The AT-2048 is the ultimate tester just designed for field engineers that are installing, commissioning and trouble- shooting E1, Wander, Pulse Mask, and Datacom circuits. This instrument, based on ALBEDO’ brand new platform, incorporates last available electronics consequently you will enjoy top performance, high accuracy and, of course, a very aggressive price. The AT-2048 analyzer is a rugged hand set, equipped with a full color GUI, designed for field use in the analysis and maintenance of telecom circuits. You may need to test framed, unframed, signaling, drop and insert Nx64Kbps, data, and jitter into any time slot. AT-2048 E1 Datacom Jitter & Wander

15 Checks compliance of SLA agreement
Checks compliance of SLA agreement. Predicts the ability of a Carrier-grade Ethernet / IP network to support Multiplay services - Determines the ITU-T quality of service and analyses potential degradation sources - Meets ITU-T and IETF test standards. Synchronization through NTP, GPS or atomic clock. Web/Internet user interface - It does not interfere with the monitored services - Secure data transmission and storage preserves privacy in monitored systems. ALBEDO PROBE AT-1541

16 NetStorm emulates unified networks including those perturbances typical of packet networks. The objective is to test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations. NetStorm is a tool for developers debugging new IP equipment, acceptance test laboratories, design and configuration of unified Ethernet/IP networks, QoS/QoE test, HDTV, IPTV, VoIP, Internet radio, Video Streaming, VPN data, High Speed Internet, Satellite and Undersea traffic applications. All of then may suffer the network conditions found on the Internet and enterprise. ALBEDO NET-STORM

17 Completely manage IP-Voice guarantee the quality and back it up with an SLA to distinguish between basic network transport statistics and true Quality of Experience (QoE). Provides a view of VoIP traffic, signaling session and quality data, permitting rapid pro- active management of VoIP and multimedia traffic. This includes the measurement of QoE on a call-by-call basis as an integral part of the solution, where all data are available in real time. QspeeQ

Albedo is a global supplier of customized laboratories capable to execute interoperability test suites to ensure the continuity – and growth – of telecom equipment based on VoIP, IPTV, C-Ethernet, NG-SDH, EFM, and FTTH. Test results make it easy your organization to decide if the products meet your business requirements, and if they do, you can use our test reports to make sure that the equipment gets seamlessly integrated into your network. INTEROPERABILITY LABS

19 The provision of telecommunications services should be subject to a formal agreement to bind customer and supplier by means of a contract that describes the service which will be the reference framework for conflict resolution by means of the mechanisms of monitoring, the management of events, description of fees and penalties. The milestone for the SLAs has been the adoption of Ethernet / IP /MPLS as a unified transport network. NET AUDIT

20 Linux-based open platform ensures readiness for tomorrow's applications today. large graphical colour TFT LCD display. Easy-to-use touch screen with multiple-language user interface as well as auxiliary robust operation keypad. Swappable battery- powered operation. Built-in Ethernet switch for traffic analysis in Convergent Technologies. 10/100Mbps Ethernet, mini USB and MMC slot for external connectivity. Modular design with Synchronous Ethernet Application. Sync-ETHERNET tester

21 That’s all

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