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Automatic Test Equipment- Complete Solution SOFTECH CONSULTANTS.

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1 Automatic Test Equipment- Complete Solution SOFTECH CONSULTANTS

2 Key Features  User defined Test procedures & Specifications.  Modular and open architecture based Test Hardware with scope for upgradability. SOFTECH CONSULTANTS

3  Easy to use, user approved custom user interface.  Provide Customized solutions in “Test & Measurement” and Control Applications. Key Features

4 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  Original features provided by our Team of experienced T & M and ATE professionals. Key Features

5 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  OEM Instruments with all kinds of control interfaces maybe incorporated. These range from GPIB, LAN, PXI etc.  Real Time Measurements with required accuracy and control. Key Features

6 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  Test Setup based on Industry standard PC- Based PXI platforms from National Instruments, Pickering.  Mix of modular and stand-alone Instruments for a “value for money” solution. Key Features

7 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Key Features  Use of National Instruments “LABVIEW” system design software provides a standard scalable Application software asset.

8 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  Custom measurement and control circuitry maybe developed if required to meet most challenging requirements. Key Features

9 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  Application involving Customized solutions for R & D applications with real- time high accuracy and high speed data measurement and analysis.  Automated Testing for PCB and circuit assembly testing.  Provide solutions for Automation and supervisory control for assembly lines. Applications

10 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS  Provide solutions for Inspection systems with vision and other non-contact measurements.  Control and signal Processing.  Provide Data acquisition and Event monitoring solutions. Applications


12 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Experience in providing solutions for Testing & Measurement and Specification Testing in following areas in Defense:  Gun Electronics  Avionics Electronics  Radars  Communications  Host of other Defense Electronics Defense

13 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS A scalable system involving a Test & Measurement solution was developed to test multiple type of Telecom voice Subscriber and other Line Interfaces such as FXS, FXO and E&M was developed to meet test requirements of a “Last Mile” subscriber equipment manufacturer. Telecom Line Card Specification and Production Testing

14 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS A scalable system involving a Test & Measurement solution to check all types of relays in order to conduct a variety of parametric tests. This system was developed to meet Inwards QC Inspection requirement of a Defense production PSU organization. Relay Inwards Quality TestingRelay Inwards Quality Testing

15 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS A general purpose Tester was developed to test a range of target PSU modules for Telecom applications. Power Supply Testing with Electronic Loads:

16 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS A general purpose Tester was developed to test standard signaling protocols with Test access on standard E1 PCM digital interface and standard subscriber line interfaces. PCM Based Telecom signaling protocol Tester:

17 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Functional Test/Repair System for PCBs: A Function Test system for diagnosing and repairing was developed for Radar PCBs of BRDs - Indian Airforce.

18 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Application Test software Development has been taken up for Defense and Defense production factories as well as Industrial Control product Manufacturers. The Test software development services have been provided on a variety of platforms. Application Test Software Development:

19 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS We have provided complete product design solutions to address a variety of requirements of our customers. PROJECTS IN ELECTRONICS PRODUCT DESIGN

20 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS The design activity was taken up with our capabilities in complete control over design inputs such as system concepts, selection of Industry standard mechanical enclosures, detailed schematics and Gerber data of PCB assemblies along with FPGA Firmware and Embedded firmware development. PROJECTS IN ELECTRONICS PRODUCT DESIGN

21 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS We are in position to design and develop world class solutions with the best technologies right from conceptualization of the product to complete field-trial systems. PROJECTS IN ELECTRONICS PRODUCT DESIGN

22 SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Embedded Controllers ARM7TDMI-S, AVR (Advance RISC architecture), 8051 CPLD/FPGA XILINX XC9500XL Series., XILINX Sparton-3E Series, Lattice FPGAs. Buses SPI,USB,I2C,Ethernet 10/100M,RS232,RS422, Etc. TU-Standards PDH/SDH: E1,T1,E3,T3,STM1,STM4 Experience in :

23 Line Interface devices E1/T1 LIU, E3/DS3 LIU, Ethernet10/100M LIU Framer/Muxes/Mapper E1/T1 Framer, E3/DS3 Framer, E3/DS Muxes, 155M ADM Multiplexer (SDH), SDH E1 Mapper, Ethetnet Mappers. TSI SWITCHES 16K X16K non blocking switch (TSI), Integrated 10/100 managed Ethernet switch Clock Real Time Clock(RTC), PLL, Startum 3 clock(Telecordia GR-1244- Core), Flash programmable clock generator, SDH Timing Processing and Clock Misc. Multiprotocol Devices, CODECs, SLICs. SOFTECH CONSULTANTS Experience in :

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