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Centro Online Lab Manuals, Workbooks & eBooks Student Registration Process 7/2008.

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1 Centro Online Lab Manuals, Workbooks & eBooks Student Registration Process 7/2008

2 What is Centro?  Online version of required course materials, such as the Lab Manual, Workbook, and eBook  Accessible via internet at  Student resources may include… Course Material Online Instant Feedback & Unlimited Practice Complete Audio Program Interactive Exercises Grammar Tutorials & Video Clips

3 To access CENTRO you’ll need to register at

4 STEP 1 – CREATE ACCOUNT & LOG-IN 1)Go to 2)If you do not have a CENTRO Account, click “Create an account” NOTE: If you already have an existing Quia Account… Login and enter your Book Key & Course Code for this course.

5 STEP 1 – CREATE ACCOUNT & LOG-IN (continued) Create a username & password by completing form & then click Submit.

6 STEP 2: ENTER COURSE CODE & BOOK KEY Students need following 2 items to enroll in course: 1)Course Code: Provided by the instructor 2)Book Key: Packaged with textbook or purchased separately through CENTRO Online Bookstore (see above). Book Key may only be used once.

7 Enter your Book Key & click Go

8 Book Content is now loaded into your account, & shown here. Next, enter the Course Code provided by instructor & click Go.

9 Select your class section, & click Submit

10 Additional books required by instructor (if any) will be displayed with “Buy or enter book key”. Book Content loaded thus far into your account is shown here

11 SELECT CLASS If additional texts are required, repeat process for all required books by entering applicable Book Keys or purchasing online.

12 SELECT CLASS Newly loaded book appears here. To access, click on book cover or title.

13 In this example, you are now in your online Lab Manual as indicated by green navigation tab above. NOTE: Only the books you’ve loaded into your account & the applicable supplemental material will appear on the navigation tabs. Your account may not look like this example.

14 To navigate within the Lab Manual, use the navigation panel on left. Click on desired chapter title. NOTE: You may navigate to additional resources by using the Navigation Tabs & My Tools above.

15 Click desired activity title to begin exercise.

16 For audio exercises, click speaker icon, complete exercise, & click Submit Answers.

17 Need assistance with CENTRO?  Submit Question Online  Toll-free Phone Support (877) 282-4400, ext. 2  Support Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST  Online Resources within CENTRO Click “Help” to view Online Guide Click “FAQ” to view FAQ’s Click “Technical Support” to submit question online.

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