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Using COS Funding Opportunities the world’s largest funding information database ™

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2 Using COS Funding Opportunities the world’s largest funding information database ™

3 COS Funding Opportunities This database helps you find the funding information you need quickly and easily. Comprehensive – contains tens of thousands of records from numerous sponsor types across all disciplines, making it the world’s largest funding database. Easy to use – offers varied and intuitive search interfaces, downloadable search results, direct links to records, and search tracking/saving. Current information – updated by a team of technical editors every working day. Quality data – sourced directly from the sponsoring organizations to ensure quality and reliability.

4 A COS Funding Opportunities Record Using COS Funding Opportunities Search Interfaces - main search - simple search - search or browse by sponsor name - search by COS Keyword - search geographically Special Features of COS Funding Opportunities Applications of COS Funding Opportunities

5 Main Search option for searching entire database

6 The Main Search interface e.g., Search by entering phrases in All Fields and by Deadline; this search will find records that contain the word EDUCATION and the word GENDER anywhere in the record and have deadlines that are continuous or are after the 1 st of April 2002.

7 e.g., Search by Keyword; this opens a Keyword browser window.

8 The terms you choose will appear on your search form. You should also indicate which requirements you meet, your citizenship and where you would like to use the funds. Tip: Hold the ‘Control’ (PC) or ‘Open Apple’ (Mac) key to select more than one item from a picklist. Tip: Start with a broader search and then refine it later, searching within your results. Leave irrelevant fields blank.

9 Click on the grant title to see the full record.

10 An individual record. Sponsor contact information is also included. Tip: Your search terms are in red to tell you why this particular record was found in your query.

11 Simple Search option for people with very little experience with databases.

12 The Simple Search interface is for basic searching.

13 Search or Browse Sponsors option for searching entire database by sponsor.

14 COS Record Share You can e-mail any record to colleagues, even if they do not have access to COS Funding Opportunities.

15 Fill out the form, listing up to five recipient e-mail addresses, then send.

16 They will each then receive an e-mail with your cover note and a link to the record. The link will be active for 14 days.

17 Download Your Results To download and save your results, click on “Download Citations” to jump to the form at the bottom of the results page.

18 Pick the records, format, and content you want to download. Then download. This example is set to download two records in HTML format with the full record content.

19 Refine Your Query Start with a broader search, then narrow it down by searching within your results. This example shows a search within the 305 results listed.

20 This is set to search for the root word “peptide*” or the phrase “peptic acid” in the abstract field. It will only search within the 305 records found by the initial search.

21 This finds 4 results. Query Track This feature keeps all searches during a session. Use it to save your searches to run against updated data in the future.

22 COS Funding Opportunities This database opens up a new world of funding information; it covers not only the well-known national and international sponsors, but also small and obscure sources you have never heard of before. It covers the humanities and arts as well as the sciences. You can send opportunities to colleagues, download your results to review later, and save your searches. Graduate and undergraduate students can also find funding here. The search interfaces let you filter out all irrelevant records to find the funding that is relevant to you.

23 COS Funding Opportunities Find Funding Fast!

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