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Ready-for-School Program Sponsored by Grace United Methodist Church And surrounding community members.

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1 Ready-for-School Program Sponsored by Grace United Methodist Church And surrounding community members

2 Serving the Youth in the community for fourteen years! Are you aware of the hardship presented to families in our area at the beginning of each school year? Many families are faced with financial issues and the purchase of backpacks and needed school supplies can truly present a challenge. The Church Family of Grace, along with other community churches, community organizations and business owners, have met this issue head-on for the past fourteen years. Each year we have provided much-needed “physical” supplies and more importantly “spiritual” support to families in our surrounding school districts.

3 History of RFS Program 2001 ….. 180 Backpacks 2002 ….. 270 Backpacks 2003 ….. 350 Backpacks 2004 ….. 355 Backpacks 2005 ….. 365 Backpacks 2006 ….. 410 Backpacks 2007 ….. 452 Backpacks 2008 ….. 450 Backpacks 2009 ….. 435 Backpacks 2010 ….. 445 Backpacks 2011 ….. 450 Backpacks 2012 ….. 435 Backpacks

4 What exactly is “Ready for School” all about? The program began fourteen years ago and focused on the needs of elementary students. By the third year, we were serving elementary, middle and high school students. Since its humble beginnings, the program has provided over 5,000 backpacks to area students. We were also able to assist families affected by the 2011 flooding in our local area with school supplies and new backpacks. We have nearly 400 backpacks requested for the upcoming school year from the area schools.

5 How does the program work? The program maintains a high level of confidentiality for the student and family. A contact person, usually a school nurse or counselor, will identify students who would benefit from the program. Basic information such as gender and grade level is forwarded to us and the shopping list is compiled.

6 Supplies Galore….

7 Packing Begins… Once the donated and purchased items are collected, the backpacks are filled with school- appropriate supplies. We also insert a brief letter praying for their success and listing all of the supporters of the program. A team of volunteers is needed each August to assemble the backpacks.

8 Packing the backpacks…

9 …and more packing!

10 2012 Packing Team

11 Delivery Day… The backpacks are delivered to the individual schools in mid-August to be distributed by the school contact persons to the students prior to or on the first day of school. Volunteers are needed to help load, deliver and unload the backpacks on delivery day.

12 Delivery Team

13 What is the cost? The average cost of a fully-stocked backpack is $35; and when you multiply the cost by the 400 requests, the money needed to make the program successful is somewhat daunting. Yet, each year God provides exactly what is needed to make a difference in many young students’ lives.

14 Your support is needed! The success of this worthwhile project is dependent on our community support. RFS is a “grass roots” project which is supported by the community and not corporate sponsorship. We need your support more than ever! Please consider making a monetary donation payable to “Ready-For-School Project.”

15 Your support will allow the program to continue to touch the lives of the youth in our community. We will be accepting donations throughout the summer. We can share our blessings with others to lighten the burden and to let them know we care.

16 A special heartfelt Thank You to our Grace Church Family for being such a generous supporter of this community outreach through your donations of backpacks, school supplies and monetary donations.

17 Contact Info If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Houck, Director of Discipleship, GUMC at or 566-2897. Thank you for your support and prayer! “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers, you did for me.” - Matthew 25:40

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