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Cognizance, India’s second largest technical festival is:- ISO 9001:2008 certified and operates a Quality Management System in organizing its events.

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2 Cognizance, India’s second largest technical festival is:- ISO 9001:2008 certified and operates a Quality Management System in organizing its events. It is the largest in North India with over 16 million web hits from 100,000 unique visitors from over a 100 different countries and Participation of over 15,000 students and professionals’ on-campus from institutes across India Cognizance 2015 has a multitude of more than 180 events like professional workshops, exhibitions, international conferences, online events and large-scale technical, management and policy-making events with global participation from more than 1500 Technical & Management institutes reaching more than 200,000 students, professors & executives Overview of Cognizance 2015

3 Guest Lectures: Learn and get inspired amidst Great Minds and Legendary Achievers. Exhibitions: An extravaganza of Innovation stimulating concepts. Professional Workshops: Experience the assorted widgets to simplify your lives. Theme Events: A platform where each and every person can work in synergy to create a better tomorrow. Robotics Challenge: Face the spirit of challenges with your might. Online Events and Competitions: Opportunity to showcase your dexterity through the net. Glimpses of Cognizance 2015 “Cognizance'1 3 featured in an independent article on Forbes Magazine.”

4 UNESCO’s Patronage UNESCO’s PATRONAGE : Cognizance is under Patronage of UNESCO this time and will be organizing COGNIZANCE 2015 under their observance to have more impact through various activities among the youth of India International Year of Light (IYL 2015) : With The United Nation’s observance of International Year of Light & Light based Technologies in 2015, Cognizance is proud to get associated with International Year of Light 2015 (IYL 2015) with the underlying theme of ‘PHOTONIZING I’ focusing on individual empowerment and channelizing the immense potential of light to enrich and invigorate individual existence to deliver the best for the society and for the country. “UNESCO’s patronage is a big boost to the social initiatives taken by Cognizance, 2015

5 Cognizance 2015 associations till date Cognizance'15 will try to give a everlasting experience to it’s participants and associations. Cognizance 2015 is already in association with eight magazine partners like Digit, Overdrive, Exhibit. Two outdoor media partners with 10+ hoardings including two 40 feet by 20 feet hoardings on Delhi- Dehradun highway and Delhi-Chandigarh highway. Three print media Partners – The Hindu, The Indian Express and Dainik Bhaskar. Online partners include Snapdeal, Mobikwik and GiftXoxo.

6 Cognizance 2015 Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee had conducted its Franchise events under the name “Expanse-The Zonal Cognizance” at 12 different centres across India, namely : New-Delhi, NCR Hyderabad Chandigarh Bhopal Indore Varanasi Jaipur Dehradun Pune Surat Jaipur Lucknow

7 Cognizance 2015 Photonizing I Society today has a tendency to suppress independent thought and action, with people trying to mould themselves according to acceptable societal standards. In this process though what we are becoming aren't unique intelligent beings but robots desperately trying to fit inside the box. Somewhere, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. It’s the same light that dispels ignorance and photonizes the path leading to the subtle cognition of transcendence. Life and light go hand in hand; one does not exist without the other. It focuses on invigorating and instigating every Individual to put his best for the society and for country. It is only when we empower the individual that we can together become a force of change to reckon with. With the backdrop of United Nation’s observance of International Year of Light & Light based Technologies in 2015, the theme “PHOTONIZING I” basically speaks of Individual Empowerment. Cognizance 2015 provides a platform where each and every person can carve out their own niche, and yet work in synergy to create a better tomorrow.

8 Cognizance 2015 Cognizance will promote your social initiative through it’s platform and social market outreach by partnering through social campaigns, where we shall not only focus towards Your Company’ s Initiative but also support it through active student participation and competitions for creating awareness. Cognizance, IIT Roorkee is the most preferable platform with the most sincere approach towards the society, inculcating the Technological, Innovative aspects of the youth to cure the problems of this Nation. The Social Initiative we are going to focus primarily during this Edition shall be “Vidhurja” amongst the Generation Z, making them aware about the rural electrification and sustainable energy initiatives being taken. “TOGETHER WE AIM AT REACHING OUR GOAL OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”

9 Cognizance 2015 In year 2014 Cognizance came forward with GREEN PEACE to support their initiatives and execute our own ideas to help different peoples and work in collaborated manner for development and welfare of different societies. Cognizance provided GREEN PEACE a platform where they promote their ideas on GREEN and SUISTAINABLE INDIA.We through different events, some of them were like MAHANATHON (the green marathon), HUMAN CHAIN and a photo collage (which got registered in GUINESS WORLD RECORD). “TOGETHER WE AIM AT REACHING OUR GOAL OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”

10 Vidyurja Issue Power Shortage in Rural Areas of India to be discussed between the brightest minds of the country using the applications of latest technology and innovation. Issues to be taken up at Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee E-lding To take advantage of latest technological advancements for the betterment of Agriculture and Food Sector in India. Lets come together to make in India thrive and make it a Food Surplus Country.

11 Your Pet Initiatives to be brainstormed at Cognizance’15 Make In India “Manufacta Optimus” to be promoted through extensive set of events during Cognizance. Oddysemble – Incredible India Promotion of Tourism in India to be discussed here like never before!!

12 Initiatives at Cognizance 2015 We Men for Women Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee aims to fight for the cause of Women Empowerment. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan @ Cognizance, IIT Roorkee Clean India Programme to be included into the itinerary of events to celebrate the premier campaign of the PM of India.

13 Odyssemble Part of the “Incredible India” campaign, this event deals with promotion of tourism in India. Issues to be taken up at Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee Elixir Pension & Welfare schemes for the benefit of the old and underprivileged shall be discussed through this event.

14 Pronite - Kate Chruscicka Kate has established herself as one of the UK’s most talented and ambitious violinists, and performs regularly at public and private events. Kate has completed over sixteen years of musical training, and this demonstrates her relentless dedication to her artistic and personal development as a musician.

15 Pronite – Eluveitie Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal band. The band was formed in 2002 and their first EP, Vên, was released in 2003. Vên was a studio project of Glanzmann's, but its success led to the recruitment of a full band. Eluveitie use traditional instruments amidst guitars and harsh vocals. Hugely popular among folk lovers, the band has a core following in millions.

16 Pronite – Skeleton Dance Crew Skeleton is the only Crew in India with the Tron Led Dance Act. Awarded for the Best Dance Crew in North India for 2013, the team have performed on various TV shows across Asia including India's Got Talent, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Chak Dhoom Dhoom and are in huge demand to perform worldwide at product launches, club events and for a high tech opening for a corporate show.



19 Cognizance 2015 It would be a pleasure for Cognizance 2015 to associate with Your Company

20 Your Company will get exclusive one-of- a-kind publicity in the largest tech fest of north India thronging with college students from all over the country. Media Outreach: Advertisements in print media through popular magazines like The Week, Outlook etc. and national dailies like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. One Full Page Colour advertisements in the Cognizance 2015 souvenir, sent to over 800 corporate houses. One Full Page Colour advertisement in the Cognizance 2015 Journal, sent to more than 800 libraries all over India. Specially Designed Benefits for Your Company “Cognizance'1 4 was a delightful experience for INVESTOR’S CLINIC. We loved the hospitality provided by Cogni and the extent of publicity of large.”

21 Prominent presence of name and logo of Your Company on:  All Flexes and Banners to be put up during Cognizance 2015  Posters to be sent to 1400 colleges across the nation.  On the website of Cognizance 2015 Radio Publicity: Broadcast of Your Company advertisements as Sponsor of Cognizance 2015 on Campus Beats, the online in-campus radio of IIT Roorkee. Verbal and Student Partner Publicity: Dedicated team of 60 students to be sent to all prominent colleges of North India to publicize Your Company along with Cognizance'15. Besides “Student Partners” from 180 colleges will also publicize Your Company. “ TRIMULA LTD. enjoyed its association with Cogni’14 as food sponsor. We were extremely happy with the response and would definitely contribute to it again.”

22 Online Presence: Name and Logo of Your Company will feature on: Prominent logos on the website of Cognizance 2015. Video Infomercials of Your Company to be posted on the official You Tube channel of Cognizance 2015. Tweets about Your Company on the official twitter handle of Cognizance 2015. Redirecting Logo of Your Company in the official android app of Cognizance 2015. “MAX INDIA supports Cognizance'15 for their Social Issues Addressal.” Mr. Dinkar Vashisht, MARCOM Head Exclusive updates about Your Company on the official FB page of Cognizance 2015 and profiles of participants.

23 An exclusive, prominent kiosk shall be provided to Your Company, where it can display its services and distribute pamphlets tailored to its needs. Aerial Publicity: The name and logo of Your Company will be displayed prominently on a hot air balloon to be put up during Cognizance 2015. Your Company can tap into the best talent of the nation with global participation from more than 1500 institutes in turn providing internships in one of if it’s growing initiatives. “ Cognizance'14 was the best ever college experience after graduation ” - Ms. Anjana, WIPRO (HR) 30sec infomercial showcasing the services, products and philosophy of Your Company before every exhibition,guest lecture and workshop.

24 Cognizance, IIT Roorkee would like to invite Your Leader to deliver a Guest Lecture in our Popular Guest Lecture Series in Cognizance 2015. Your Company will have the access to personnel at various Departments in IIT Roorkee, where in it can tap into resources at the department and also interact with faculty members and students to suit its personal requirements. Marathon run around the campus to invite support to the cause of Rural Electrification under the theme Vidhurja shall be conducted during Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee with promotion as Presented by Your Company. “SHELL acknowledges Cognizance, IITR for its 5 Yr long association and running.” -Vinay Shende -HR Head Benefits for Your Company Event: Your Company can conduct its own event in Cognizance 2015 where it can test candidates on anything related to their endeavor and the solutions of that event will be their sole copyright.

25 Also, a prominent marketing area on the official website of Cognizance 2015, for advertisements of Your Company along with a redirecting logo on the Menu Bar. On Stage Recognition: On stage recognition of Your Company as Sponsor of Cognizance 2015 in all the events and ceremonies. All SMS sent to participants and registrants of the events will feature the name of Your Company as “Sponsored by Your Company” Video Ads on Televisions to be put up at kiosks and desks and registration area of Cognizance 2015. “SHELL acknowledges Cognizance, IITR for its 5 Yr long association and running.” -Vinay Shende -HR Head Special Benefits for Your Company

26 Pronites We Had :- SunBurn Campus Night Farhan Akhtar Live Reputed Magic &Laser Shows Technical Exhibitions Sand Art & Illusion shows Deliverables for Your Company - Your Company can be Presenting Partner of one of our Pronite, that shall expect a footfall of 15,000 unique students which will include promotion as “Your Company presents Kate Chruscicka” and 5 minute presentation before event showcasing the initiatives of Your Company. Your Company can partner with Cognizance’15, IIT Roorkee at the Auto Expo Zone to conduct on-the spot gimmick and fun activities that shall attract maximum footfall and enthusiasm. “Sunburn IITR Campus lived upto our expectations, overwhelming success.” -Karan Kapoor -GM, Percept

27 ZS Associates can benefit from our extensive Outdoor Branding Campaigns with our Outdoor Media Partners to market your products at strategic region: At NH-65, Delhi-Haridwar Highway, which attracts the attention of over 40, 000 commuters a day. Nearby Fun Zones, Family Outlets on highways to garner the interests of passing by people. On Dehradun- Delhi Highway, at 3-4 different locations, Cognizance’15 flexes, carrying ZS Associates logos shall be put up for a period of 15 days. On the YamunaNagar Expressway, link between Punjab and Uttarakhand, Promotional flexes of Cognizance’15 shall be put up. Your Company can be provided an exclusive hoarding over the Highway Road through our Outdoor Partners, as per your convenience. “Cognizance, IITR provided us an overall package of marketing & promotion at one stop.” -Mr.Varun, Mother Dairy

28 Your Company to sponsor a sum of INR 5,00,000 in cash/cheque/draft. What Cognizance expects? “Uttarakhand Tourism supports the Region’s Premier Technical Institute’s Festival Cognizance.” - Mr. Feroz Khan (Minister, U.T. Govt.)

29 On Stage Recognition: Your Company shall be promoted as Initiative Partner over all modes of promotion which includes exclusive promotion in Marathon Run, own Event and a guest lecture. Your Company shall be provided Title Sponsorship of one of the Pronite event that would be a Kate Show, as “Your Company presents Kate Chruscicka” This shall exclude only 30sec infomercial before guest lectures,workshops and exhibhitions.Also Promotion will be limited to central banner and flexes with presence in “Vidhurja” as Event Sponsor. Specially Designed Benefits for Initiative partner and Presenting Partner Pronite Souvenir & Journal Presence: One half-page colour advertisements in the Cognizance 2015 souvenir and Journal, which summarizes the three days of cognizance, sent to over 800 corporate houses In return, Cognizance 2015 expects a sponsorship sum of INR 3,00,000. Uttarakhand Tourism supports the Region’s Premier Technical Institute’s Festival Cognizance.” - Mr. Feroz Khan (Minister, U.T. Govt.)

30 THANK YOU Pearl Edibam pearl.edibam@co Samruddha Bangar samruddha.banga r@cognizance.or Mitul Rawat +91- 8265997130 mitul.rawat@cog MANAGERS (SPONSORSHIP) We look forward to satisfying the intellectual needs of the building technocrats of our nation, still carrying on our relentless efforts to provide the best value to our sponsors. To our sponsors, our participants, to us- We honour your spirit of encouragement. It will be our privilege to be associated with you. Sincerely yours, Team Cognizance Dr. Vishal Kumar Co-Coordinator Dr. V.C.Srivastava Co-Coordinator Dr. Indravir Singh Co-Coordinator Prof. Shishir Sinha Coordinator

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