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VENUE: Delhi College of Arts And Commerce, Netaji Nagar, Near Leela Palace Hotel.

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1 VENUE: Delhi College of Arts And Commerce, Netaji Nagar, Near Leela Palace Hotel


3 Dr. Stefan Kuehner, Senior Lecturer from University of York, UK will conduct a seminar on ‘Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion in India: Lessons from Social Policy Research’ and will interact with the students from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and University of Delhi. He will also be the chief guest for the day.

4 Exotica, the fashion show, will witness teams from all over India participating to win the race to the top with beauty, style and persona. Prizes: Winner: Rs. 15000/- Runner-up: Rs. 10000/- (The concept can be redesigned as per the needs of the sponsor)

5 Accion is the stage play competition wherein teams will present their ideas and concepts in the form of theater play. Prizes: Winner: Rs. 8000/- Runner up: Rs. 3000/- (The theme can be sponsor specific)

6 This event will span across two days of the festival and will witness 60-70 students discussing, deliberating and debating on a policy. (The theme can be sponsor specific) Prizes: Winner Team: Rs. 10,000/- Runner up team: Rs. 4,500/-

7 It’s a battle. Dance Face Off will include around 30-40 artists performing against each other to make it to the final Rounds to win fame, honor and the moolah! Prizes: WINNER: Rs 10,000/- RUNNER UP: Rs 7,500/-

8 Polemics has always acted as an appealing and productive mode to discuss and deliberate upon the pros and cons of an issue. ANARCHY 2014 will host 40 debaters from all over India to talk on the following topics: a) American or Asian Century?, Or b) Economy, friend or foe? PRIZES: Best Speaker- Rs 5,000/- Winner Team- Rs 10,000/- Runner Up Team- Rs 6,000/- (The topics for discussion can be decided by the sponsor)

9 ‘Nukkad Natak’ is the oldest form of communication in our country and till today it acts as a very significant attention seeker for the public eye. ANARCHY 2014 will host 12 Street Play Teams which will perform on different socio-political issues Indian Democracy is facing today. (Topics for the performance can be Sponsor Specific) Prizes: WINNER TEAM- Rs 15,000/- RUNNER UP TEAM- Rs 10,000/-

10 A DJ party for the lovers of Electric and Trance Music! This year ANARCHY 2014 plans to host the party of the town with DJ Konark Sicca!

11 This is the opportunity for budding artists and photographers to showcase their talent. We hope to help by sending the money collected from the sales to charity for underprivileged children.

12 Following slides will introduce you to the methods of working with us. Kindly give us a little bit of your time. We promise to keep it crisp and profitable.

13 We crowd source, the best, in all of South Campus. We had a turn out of over 2000 last year and promise to increase the Attendees this year! We advertise on social media, websites (that link festivals with students) and we have our own media and PR team which works day and night to make this the most happening event in the Campus. ______________________________________________ We try to give our best to our sponsor. Branding will be managed by our team in the most efficient way and your brand will be showcased on the screens, on all possible areas of branding in the campus through banners, posters, backdrops, coupons and newsletters. Every event will have your brand’s name as the organizer (depending on the package of the sponsor).

14 This event is an endeavor to involve students who constitute a major fraction of the consumer market, by which you can soar up your target market too. Our institute, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is highly regarded in the University of Delhi. Thus, we guarantee you immense media attention. It is very much in this regard, that your association with our institute shall help not only us but even ‘YOUR BRAND’ to make a mark amongst the target audience. ____________________________________________ ‘YOUR BRAND’ will gain exposure among a targeted 5000 students and over 300 professors from universities in Delhi, NCR and other parts of the country. The dignitaries attending the event will be given a memento with ‘YOUR BRAND’ ’s logo on it. Also, all the prize trophies will have your logo on it.

15 We take responsibility to organize sponsor specific events to make the branding process a two level process. We establish your brand in the minds of our attendees in a manner that they will associate emotionally with your brand. They will connect with you for having the time of their lives! WE ARE GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN FOR US. WE PROMISE TO MAKE THIS BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR BRAND!


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