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Punctuating Titles.

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1 Punctuating Titles

2 The 2 Ways to Punctuate Titles:

3 Use Italics or Underline for . . .
Novels Plays Book length poems Newspapers/Magazines Movies/TV shows Works of art/Names of ships Long Musical Compositions Album titles

4 Here are some examples:
Macbeth The Catcher in the Rye Seinfeld The Boston Globe Sports Illustrated The Mona Lisa The Iliad/The Odyssey The Titanic

5 Use “Quotation Marks” for . . .
Poetry Short stories Articles Songs Chapters Titles of Websites When referring to Essay titles

6 Here are some examples:
“The Road Not Taken” “Biography of a Dress” “You Give Love a Bad Name”

7 Helpful Tips: Capitalize all important words in a title
Prepositions can be capitalized No title should ever be both italicized and put in quotes Coordinating conjunctions are usually not capitalized, unless they are at the beginning of a sentence

8 Helpful Tips (continued):
Punctuation, like periods & commas, goes inside quotation marks Larger works, like CDs & books, are italicized, and smaller works, like songs & chapters, are put in quotes Articles (a, an, the) are not always capitalized Remember---underline titles only when you are handwriting something

9 Class work: Complete 1-13 Homework: Complete 14-25
Punctuating Titles Practice Worksheet Class work: Complete 1-13 Homework: Complete 14-25

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