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BSNL Trust Card.

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1 BSNL Trust Card

2 What is Trust Card? Co-branded Prepaid Card for all ‘Citizens of India’ by BSNL & ItzCash Easy alternative to cash and works like Cash Payments for all BSNL services across all circles BSNL Mobile post paid and prepaid BSNL Landline, WLL services BSNL VAS products Payments at over 10,000 other ItzCash billers for digital payments which includes categories like: Travel Utility Telecom

3 Key Success Factors for Prepaid Cards
Environment Very high mobile penetration has brought prepaid cards culture Discount available on payments through Pre Paid cards Easy recharge of cards available at corner shop Overall costs and fees are affordable Need Safety - Cash is dangerous to carry Difficulty in making small payments as change is difficult to find Billers need not make elaborate arrangement to collect money Convenience - Helps in Making payment without queues No need to expose your full bank balance through Internet banking/Debit card while making payments Advantages Easy to make small payments over phones (mobile/landline/Internet) Facilitates on line payments remotely thus saves consumer time & resources in going to make cash payments Direct saving through available discounts Nation saves on currency/coins printing Prevents circulation of fake currency Limits risks

4 Features of Trust Card At par value product – Empowers the user to make payments for services safely and conveniently.  No hidden costs – Customer can utilize full value of card. Pay online, on-mobile and IVRS.   Micro payments - Uniquely enables the consumer to process micro payments of `10 upto ` 10,000 .  These micro payments will help the BSNL customer to purchase VAS products.

5 Features of Trust Card contd.
There are two types of Trust Cards Card for retailers (B2B – Business to Business): For selling BSNL VAS, payment of other bills on behalf of customers and topping up customer cards. On these cards special discounting to retailers for VAS retailing is given Card for customers (B2C – Business to Customer): Common customers may use this card for direct bill payments/ prepaid top-up etc. on their own.

6 Features of Trust Card For issuing B2C card KYC is required No KYC
Card can be loaded with Rs. 10,000/- Payment can be made for utility bills only viz. electricity, telephone, water tax etc. Full KYC Any kind of transaction allowed, Amount which can be kept in Card – Maximum Rs. 50,000/- Individual recharge amount – no limit, subject to overall limit Daily payment limit – No upper limit Annual payment limit of Rs. 2 Lakhs. Recharge/ Upgrade: Reloading with a TRUST ‘recharge’ voucher available at the nearest outlet. To increase limit of card, opt for upgrading the card facility by giving full KYC. 6

7 Why should I use TRUST Card?
Avail 1% discount in next bill, if making payments of BSNL bills through Trust Card. Retailers are duly incentivized with commission on each bill payment & Mobile top up through their card. All other advantages/ convenience of pre paid cards Make payments of about 10,000 services on line.

8 Advantages over competing products
TRUST Card can be used to pay bills, purchase talk time of other Telcos which is limited in case of Airtel Money. Payments through Trust Card can be made either online or through SMS or over IVR. However Airtel money can be used only through mobile. Airtel Money allows payments of limited no. of billers however Trust Card supports for billers along with payments for BSNL services. No processing fee/KYC charges/upgradation charges.

9 Advantages Over Credit Card
Credit cards are more risk prone. Procedure to acquire a credit card is lengthy & tedious. Default on Credit card payment can ruin your credit rating and even deny you future loans. For Trust Card, just visit BSNL CSCs / ItzCash world outlets and fill the KYC form and get it. Prevents you going overboard while spending

10 How to use TRUST Card? Card has a 12 digit account number and 4 digit password (which is masked) on backside. Unmask account number and password after purchase of card and use it to make payments. Don’t reveal your card or PIN no. to any one To know more visit or call List of billers for which payment can be made, along wiith applicable tariff is available on above website

11 Action plan For Promotion by Circles
Retailer list on BSNL website: To put ItzCash retail network list on BSNL websites so that end consumer is aware where he can avail BSNL services 1% discount on postpaid bill payment: To create awareness that consumer can avail 1% discount on postpaid bill payment through Trust card Database promotion: To share consumer database with ItzCash team, so that they can do some promotion to drive footfall for BSNL services at ItzCash World Outlet Bill branding: To put info about availability of Trust card on bills thus helping the end consumer to walk in at outlet and avail Trust card services To promote trust card on BSNL website for both retailers and consumers.

12 Way Forward B2B card made available in 400 cities across India. List of cities available at Intranet. B2C card shall be made available in market shortly

13 Thank You

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