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The body system that fights disease. $100 What is immune system?

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1 The body system that fights disease. $100 What is immune system?

2 These pathogens cause strep throat. $100 What are bacteria?

3 These diseases do not spread from person to person. $100 What are noninfectious diseases?

4 A chemical that helps body cells take sugar from the blood. $100 What is insulin?

5 ___ is a medicine that kills bacteria. $100 What is an antibiotic?

6 $100 What is an infection? When pathogens multiply somewhere in the body, you have an…

7 An infectious disease caused by a virus that attacks disease-fighting cells. $200 What is AIDS?

8 Your body’s natural ability to fight off any disease on its own. $200 What is resistance?

9 ___ are the signs and feelings of a disease. $200 What are symptoms?

10 A condition that damages or weakens part of the body. $200 What is disease?

11 The condition in which antibodies protect a person from a specific pathogen. $200 What is immunity?

12 $200 What is abstinence? Avoiding behaviors that Put your health at risk.

13 All living things that are too small to be seen without a microscope. $300 What are microbes?

14 A long-lasting health problem. (chronic or acute) $300 What is chronic?

15 Yeasts and molds can cause disease. $300 What are fungi?

16 The virus that causes AIDS is called. $300 What is HIV?

17 Any tiny living thing that causes disease. $300 What is a pathogen?

18 $100 You might have brown eyes and a cleft chin like your dad because of ___. What is heredity? $300

19 Diseases that don’t last long. (chronic or acute) $400 What is acute?

20 Diseases that are spread from person to person. $400 What is infectious disease?

21 The one-celled living things that cause diseases such as amebic dysentery. $400 What are protozoa?

22 The special care you get when you are ill. $400 What is treatment?

23 Giving vaccines to make people immune to certain diseases. $400 What is immunization?

24 $400 Tiny hairlike structures, they push pathogens toward a body opening. What is cilia?

25 Describe how pathogens cause disease. $500 Pathogens cause diseases when they grow and multiply in the body. Some kill cells; some produce substances that are harmful to the body in other ways.

26 $100 Chuck has had several colds and other illnesses this winter. Explain how his resistance to these illnesses may have been weakened. Chuck may not have been eating a nutritious diet or following other healthful habits, such as getting regular exercise. $500

27 Name five different ways the body keeps pathogens from entering it. $500 A thick layer of skin; sweat, saliva, and stomach chemicals all kill pathogens; mucus traps pathogens; cilia push pathogens toward body openings; earwax traps pathogens; tears kill And wash away pathogens.

28 What causes asthma attacks? How can asthma be treated? $500 Most asthma attacks are triggered by things Such as stress, exercise, respiratory infections, And substances in the air. Treating asthma Involves finding out what triggers attacks and avoiding these things. There are also medicines to help. Most people outgrow asthma.

29 Name three noninfectious diseases that are more common in tobacco users than in people who do not use tobacco. $500 Lung, throat, mouth, tongue, and Lip cancer; heart disease; Lung infections; emphysema.

30 What is a booster? $500 A booster is an extra dose of a vaccine that is given to maintain immunity.

31 Jeopardy

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