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Federal Geographic Data Committee Report NGAC Meeting Ivan DeLoatch, Executive Director March 17, 2011.

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1 Federal Geographic Data Committee Report NGAC Meeting Ivan DeLoatch, Executive Director March 17, 2011

2 2 Topics Geospatial Line of Business and Geospatial Platform A-16 Supplemental Guidance Federal Trade Commission Privacy Report Imagery for the Nation (IFTN) Request for Information Geospatial Standards

3 3 Geospatial Line of Business and Geospatial Platform Transition from GeoLoB to Geospatial Platform development Resources/materials aligned to support establishment of the Geospatial Platform Aligned the FY 2011 Tasks and deliverables Platform Roadmap V4 Geospatial Platform Managing Partner Stand-up of Technical Deployment Task Team for common data, services, and applications Geospatial Platform Website Redesign

4 4 Geospatial Platform Platform Roadmap V4 Submitted to OMB March 1, 2011 Will be available upon OMB release No major content changes but rather focused on improved consistency and clarity Comments to be addressed in implementation Geospatial Platform Managing Partner Collaborating with GSA Continuing discussions at high-levels

5 5 Technical Deployment Task Team Purpose: Recommend a path forward for implementation of Geospatial Platform common services and shared infrastructure Lead efforts to deploy "mature" capabilities identified in the Modernization Roadmap for the Geospatial Platform Evaluated existing Federal geospatial capabilities to determine their potential to meet the needs of the Geospatial Platform Outcome: Recommendations that include: Notional technical architecture Candidate solutions architecture(s) STATUS: Initial recommendations being finalized for a prototype roll-out by March 30

6 6 Notional Technical Architecture DRAFT

7 7 Geospatial Platform Website Redesign Released 3/11 Scrolling highlights Social media Timeline Partners Document links

8 8 A-16 Supplemental Guidance OMB issued on Nov 10, 2010 Portfolio management National Geospatial Data Assets Roles and responsibilities Data lifecycle Investment evaluation strategy Reference documents

9 9 Roles and Responsibilities Executive NGDA Theme Champion NGDA Theme Lead NGDA Dataset Manager Data Steward Structure allows for public/private partnerships in data management Responsibilities include meeting government business and use requirements

10 10 Portfolio Investment Strategy Provides a mechanism for annual peer review and consultation Increases the geospatial community's effectiveness by better aligning its activities with other Federal investment processes and investments. Identifies and considers partnering opportunities for investment collaboration Provides opportunities for geospatial experts to share opportunities for improved geospatial resource alignment

11 11 Portfolio Management Geospatial Platform Outreach Theme - based Reporting (e.g. FGDC Annual Report) Pilot Incentives CAP Grants Training* Implementatio n Plan Level- based Lifecycle Mgmt A-16 Supplemental Guidance

12 12 Reference Materials FGDC website FGDC Structure and Federal Agency and Bureau Representation Process for adjusting OMB Circular A–16 Appendix E: NSDI Geospatial Data Theme Principles Lexicon of Geospatial Terminology Stages of the Geospatial Data Lifecycle Key Roles and Responsibilities

13 13 Next Steps: March 2011-June 2011 The FGDC will make final adjustments to NGDA themes Status: Coordination Group (CG) is meeting to finalize the list of Themes and associated data sets in preparation for a CG vote. Associate the current inventory of National Geospatial Data Assets Themes with appropriate agencies Status: Pending finalization of the data themes/data sets list. Prepare implementation plan to agencies on how to comply with the Supplemental Guidance Status: Initial discussions and approach plan outlining have occurred with follow-on discussions being scheduled

14 14 Next Steps: December 2010-April 2011 Additional planned actions Agencies will prepare and send their timelines for complying with the Supplemental Guidance The FGDC will select a portfolio management pilot for the FY13 budget process The FGDC will finalize the maturity model/other scorecard content that will be used to evaluate NGDAs

15 15 NGAC Resolutions – December 2010 RECOMMENDATION: The NGAC recommends that the FGDC work collaboratively with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to seek clarification of language addressing geolocation in the FTC Staff Report, “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change.” The members of the NGAC are concerned about the imprecise use of the term “precise geolocation data” in the report. The NGAC is willing to work with FGDC and FTC, as needed, to help provide the perspective of the geospatial community to this issue. ACTION: NGAC members will encourage organizations they represent to provide comments on the draft FTC Staff Report to express concerns about the language addressing geolocation. FTC Privacy Report

16 16 FTC Privacy Report FTC Staff Report: "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers." “Precise Geolocation Data” addressed in report, but not defined. NGAC reviewed report, recommended that FGDC collaborate with FTC to seek clarification of language and avoid unintended consequences. FGDC Secretariat submitted comments to FTC: 354-57961.pdf 354-57961.pdf Compilation of all public comments available at: dex.shtm dex.shtm FGDC Secretariat working with FTC staff to arrange follow-up dialogue on the geolocation privacy issue

17 17 Imagery For The Nation (IFTN) DOI and USDA developed a Joint Business Case for IFTN FGDC-sponsored through NGA an IFTN RFI Opportunities for the integration of IFTN components into the Geospatial Platform are being explored FGDC Ex Com continue to deliberate on future direction for IFTN

18 18 Geospatial Standards The FGDC has endorsed the United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard The Standard provides a data content, classification, quality, and exchange standard for thoroughfare, landmark, and postal addresses, and for address reference systems. Special thanks to our colleagues at the Census Bureau and URISA for their leadership and action

19 19 Geospatial Standards, cont. The FGDC Standards Working Group and Geospatial Intelligence Standards Working Group (GWG) are working toward coordinating their standards processes for common standards across the military, intelligence, and civil spaces. One driver is the Platform implementation of Palanterra: FGDC interest in leveraging GV-ES portfolio services (e.g., Palanterra) GV-ES activities were endorsed by the FGDC Executive Committee and identified in "Timebox One" of the Modernization Roadmap for the Geospatial Platform Goals include: Working towards a single set of common geospatial standards for use across the Federal government Establish common framework for cross domain capabilities More efficiently leveraged resources and reduce duplicative assessments processes between sectors Reduce overall standards review time Establish more comprehensive reporting/information sharing

20 20 Thank you Questions?

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