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1 Geospatial Portfolio Management, Theme Lead and Dataset Manger Roles and Responsibilities, and the ‘Investment Collaboration Process’ DRAFT.

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1 1 Geospatial Portfolio Management, Theme Lead and Dataset Manger Roles and Responsibilities, and the ‘Investment Collaboration Process’ DRAFT

2 2 Agenda Portfolio Management implementation overview What is a National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Theme? Theme Lead Agency roles and responsibilities Dataset Manager roles and responsibilities Annual reporting process DRAFT

3 3 Portfolio Management implementation overview Portfolio Management will support: A comprehensive understanding of available data Increased information sharing Better informed decision making A basis for making sound investments Greater benefits through better managed and documented NGDA An interagency construct emerging from the Geospatial LoB project, and sanctioned by President’s budget language written by OMB DRAFT

4 4 What is a NGDA Theme? Themes focus on the spatial representation of natural and manmade assets that are important to the Nation Themes are logical groupings of related data assets Themes are national in scope and are created and managed in response to well-defined spatial data requirements that are common across multiple Federal agencies Themes reflect legislated mandates, clearly defined directives, or core spatial reference datasets Themes promote cohesive and collaborative development, maintenance, and evolution of multiple related datasets across Federal, State, Tribal, and local governments DRAFT

5 5 Proposed NGDA Themes – a mid-level management unit to support Portfolio Management Biota Cadastre Climate and Weather Cultural & Demographic Statistics Cultural Resources Elevation Geodetic Control Geology Governmental Units Imagery Land Use-Land Cover Real Property Soils Transportation Utilities Water – Inland Water – Oceans and Coasts Federal Geospatial Data Portfolio (NGDA Portfolio) NGDA Theme NGDA Dataset NGDA Theme NGDA Dataset NGDA Theme NGDA Dataset DRAFT

6 6 What is a Theme Lead Agency? Leads coordination of a NGDA Theme Works with partners to develop, manage, and maintain datasets associated with the Theme Two roles: Executive NGDA Theme Champion NGDA Theme Lead The Theme Lead Agency is NOT responsible for managing all datasets within the NGDA Theme DRAFT

7 7 Executive NGDA Theme Champion Provides high-level sponsorship, visibility, and support for the NGDA Theme Intervenes as necessary to facilitate communication among high-level stakeholders A member of the Senior Executive Service or senior level individual appointed by the SAOGI This is not a full-time responsibility; this is another "hat" for a senior-level individual (about 1% of time) DRAFT

8 8 NGDA Theme Lead Is the "Master Coordinator" Provides interdepartmental leadership and coordination at the NGDA Theme level Coordinates and oversees the strategic planning and implementation of the NGDA Theme Manages the Annual Report process Develops funding recommendations Working with FGDC Coordination Group (CG), identifies dataset development priorities Chairs the corresponding Thematic Subcommittee Engages Federal and non-Federal stakeholders This is a full-time responsibility for a mid-level individual DRAFT

9 9 NGDA Theme Lead Activities Inventory - Identify and evaluate datasets for inclusion in the theme Select - Recommend datasets for inclusion under the theme Manage - Coordinate with dataset managers to help ensure that their datasets support relevant business processes and are produced in a cost effective manner. Coordinate with other NGDA Theme Leads Evaluate/Monitor - Develop annual NGDA Theme Report that captures plans, milestones, and progress. The reports will include scorecard on each NGDA Dataset within the NGDA Theme Identify and facilitate interagency priorities - Identify and recommend dataset development priorities to the FGDC CG then the FGDC Steering Committee (SC) DRAFT

10 10 Opportunities Develop new partnerships and broker relationships to leverage resources "Go To" Person for NGDA Theme requirements, development, and access at all levels of government Increase NGDA Theme data quality, consistency, usefulness, and trustworthiness Inform the budget process for geospatial assets within the NGDA Theme Through partnerships make more funds available for the mission DRAFT

11 11 Challenges Ensuring sufficient partner and stakeholder participation Datasets may vary greatly in levels of maturity, requiring varying degrees of attention Datasets that don’t perform well against the maturity model and scorecard may create uncomfortable situations Theme Lead will have influence but no authority over management of datasets outside Theme Lead Agency Changing Administration agendas that may call for change in emphasis by NGDA Theme Lead DRAFT

12 12 Dataset Manager Roles and Responsibilities NGDA Dataset Managers use the Geospatial Data Lifecycle to plan, develop, maintain, evolve, and archive the NGDA Dataset(s) for which they are responsible NGDA Dataset Managers should: Evaluate their NGDA Dataset(s) against the Geospatial Data Lifecycle Work with their agency leadership to develop means of tracking financial information Assist with incorporation of funding information into a comprehensive annual NGDA Theme Report Annually submit an NGDA Dataset Report to the relevant NGDA Theme Lead

13 13 Reporting Process NGDA Dataset Managers develop annual NGDA Dataset Reports Current level of completion, prior year (PY) and current year (CY) spending amounts, self-scoring and reporting using the Geospatial Data Lifecycle stages maturity model, and other information as required in FGDC reporting guidance Submitted for approval by SAOGI and provided to Theme Lead NGDA Theme Lead collaborates with all Theme-related dataset managers (including those of possibly relevant non-NGDA Datasets) Identify opportunities for integration, collaboration, improved efficiency, or improvements across the NGDA Theme NGDA Theme Lead develops Theme Report Develop NGDA Dataset Report BY funding recommendations, NGDA Theme Leads should take into account non-Federal sources of funding for the NGDA Datasets and the NGDA Dataset’s significance in meeting the needs of both Federal and non-Federal levels of government

14 14 Reporting Process FGDC Secretariat compiles Theme Reports into a NGDA Portfolio Summary for the FGDC CG FGDC CG develops recommendations Aligned with the NSDI Strategic Plan and Presidential priorities Informed by NGDA Theme Reports, NGDA Dataset Reports, and other relevant information FGDC CG presents the Portfolio Summary to the FGDC SC Includes recommendations on BY spending amounts organized by NGDA Dataset FGDC SC concurs or recommends BY funding by NGDA Theme Based on the Portfolio Summary, funding levels in the budget that were just released, NGDA Theme Lead recommendations, and any shifts in Presidential priorities not yet conveyed by the FGDC reporting guidance

15 15 Reporting Process CFOs develop and submit agency budget requests reconciling the FGDC recommendations and agency subcomponent budget requests In consultation with the SAOGIs and Executive NGDA Theme Champions within their agencies Agency budget requests should reflect suggested FGDC investment collaboration status Agency CIOs should be consulted to ensure alignment with respect to the agency’s CPIC process OMB RMOs review FGDC SC recommendations and agency budget requests to determine consistency and funding by NGDA Dataset. In aggregate, OMB’s individual NGDA Dataset funding decisions produce NGDA Theme level funding for the BY Agencies and OMB RMOs collaborate to resolve Passback and appeals to finalize the President’s Budget

16 16 Reporting Process OMB publishes the President’s Budget FGDC SC racks up the resolved agency appeals by collecting information from OMB RMOs by NGDA Dataset, and then organizes agency-specific information by NGDA Theme and communicates that information to the FGDC CG The FGDC CG updates the Portfolio Summary to reflect recommended funding and performance by NGDA Dataset and informs NGDA Theme Leads and NGDA Dataset Managers of OMB decisions NGDA Theme Leads update the NGDA Theme Reports to reflect the final budget decisions in the recently released President’s Budget

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