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310KM M-Commerce Application Selection of Mobile Platform Group 4 Choy Chun Lung, Lawrence Hui Yiu Ting, Eddy Chan Ki Yin, CKY Liu Tsz Ping, Scott.

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1 310KM M-Commerce Application Selection of Mobile Platform Group 4 Choy Chun Lung, Lawrence Hui Yiu Ting, Eddy Chan Ki Yin, CKY Liu Tsz Ping, Scott

2 Presentation Agenda 1. List of available mobile platforms 2. Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each mobile platform 3. One best choice for building a mobile workforce

3 List of Available Mobile Platform Palm OS BlackBerry OS Windows Mobile iPhone OS / OS X Symbian Google Android

4 Palm OS - Strengths Capable in document storage and data processing Simple to learn User-friendly It uses touch screen to ease control Simplify the input process and them operations

5 Palm OS - Weaknesses It is not available for telecommunication It does not support multi-tasking It could not able to handle large and corporate applications It is not originally designed for enterprise Only simple security model is implemented (password)

6 BlackBerry OS - Strengths It is highly secure. Other than password, there is also built-in encryption for raw data and media card for enhanced security. You can even set the maximum password attempts manually. Long battery life. Minimum 2 days with moderate usage. QWERTY keyboard is used to improve typing.

7 BlackBerry OS - Weaknesses There is no built in mobile office, so it must be purchased which will greatly increase the set-up cost The cost of maintenance would be high

8 Windows Mobile - Strengths It has a user friendly and well- known interface Touch-screens supported by Windows Mobile Build-in mobile office It has the greatest number of handset choices It has a very strong synchronizing ability with other Windows devices

9 Windows Mobile - Weaknesses It offers less security protection Seems at odds with the hardware There are a lot of tiny, confusing elements which make it slow

10 OS X - Strengths It is very user friendly It uses multi-touch technology It encourages creative use of touch screen It runs very smoothly

11 OS X - Weaknesses Excel and Word files can be read only, but not create and rewrite The battery cannot be removed unless the company take it back to Apple Battery life is not long enough

12 Symbian - Strengths The leading OS in the "smart mobile device" market with more than 10 years experiences It supports multitasking that based on asynchronous Good at power saving. It runs best on low-power battery-based devices

13 Symbian - Strengths It is very memory efficient. It aimed at small, memory-constrained devices It has specially written drivers rather than plug-ins It supports all aspects of telephone using highly optimized code

14 Symbian - Weaknesses It relies solely on Nokia, which seriously hold the foundation back and lead to no internal competition and improvements Some UI are quite complex and illogical. There are too many icons and functions, and lowered productivity It has a steep learning curve. Symbian requires the use of special techniques such as descriptors and the cleanup stack. This can make even relatively simple programs harder to implement than in other environments.

15 Symbian - Weaknesses Multiple versions of the OS makes development costlier Symbian has not yet built up an installed base of application developers and is yet to introduce its open source OS mobile standard which is due to market in 2010. The main attraction of the Symbian mobile OS to the MNO is its open source characteristics, which will allow elements of future smart phone features to be tailored to the MNOs requirements.

16 Google Android - Strengths Open source platform is attractive to developers. Developing environment which is more familiar and easier for experienced developers attracts many developers, creating large network of available code and support from fellow developers which creates a network externality.

17 Google Android - Strengths Cloud computing services provide complements. Free online office software suite not only backs up files, but allows for collaboration on documents a feature not offered by competitors. Large amounts of data provide high potential for convenient and highly desirable software that improve consumers lives.

18 Google Android - Weaknesses Open source platform increases security concerns. In exchange for multi platform support, there is no way to maintain a consistent reputation of quality for Android apps and the Google platform. Google is starting from scratch in the smartphone OS market.

19 Google Android - Weaknesses The Android App Market is relatively empty and lacking in functionality. Less mature comparing with Symbian and Windows Mobile Less key components supports, especially Phone functionalities

20 Choice : BlackBerry OS OS X is not suitable for enterprise usage Android is too new to be used seriously in business aspect Palm OS does not support multi- tasking is a big disadvantage

21 Choice : BlackBerry OS The most secure system among all the others Fast e-mail access, so quotations and emails can be viewed easily Dynamic numbers are more important than excel files for mobile workforce of a logistic company, so it does not really matter if mobile office is not built-in


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