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Plant Tissues and Organs

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1 Plant Tissues and Organs

2 Fig. 38.6

3 Modular construction of a shoot

4 Basic Plant Morphology
TISSUES- a group of cells functioning together in some specialized activity MERISTEMS- a mass of self-perpetuating cells, which are not yet committed to developing into a specialized cell type Terminal meristems- ends of stems, branches and roots Axillary meristems- base of leaves, branches Lateral meristems are parallel to sides of plant parts and increase girth.

5 Meristem types Primary Secondary Apical Meristems Vascular cambium
Cork Cambium

6 Flowering plants have 3 basic tissue types
Dermal Cover surface of plant Protection Ground Vascular Conducting tissue

7 Dermal Epidermis epidermal cells Periderm cork cells

8 Fig a

9 Fig b

10 Fig c

11 Vascular Tissue Xylem Phloem Mostly to conduct water and nutrients
E.g., roots to shoots Phloem Mostly to conduct sugars, amino acids, etc. E.g., leaves to roots or flowers

12 Fig a

13 Fig. 4.6

14 Fig. 4.9

15 Fig b

16 Fig a

17 Fig b

18 Vegetative Organs Roots Stems Leaves

19 Function of roots Anchor the plant Absorb water and minerals from soil

20 Longitudinal section of roots
Root cap Zone of cell division Zone of cell elongation Zone of maturation

21 Cross section of root Vascular bundle (Stele) = contains xylem and phloem Cortex Epidermis Root hairs Absorb water and minerals

22 Fig

23 Fig

24 Function of Stems support leaves to maximize light absorption
part of conduit for transport of water, minerals, and organic solutes storage

25 Fig a

26 Fig b

27 Woody dicots Discrete vascular bundles replaced by continuous rings of xylem Each ring is xylem produced during one growing season Vascular cambium

28 Fig. 38.7a

29 Fig. 38.7b

30 Stems: Secondary growth
Vascular tissue, (xylem) makes up the bulk of the stem Form tree rings

31 Fig

32 Fig a

33 Fig b

34 Fig c

35 Function of leaves Main photosynthetic structure

36 Leaf parts Blade Petiole Pair of stipules

37 Fig

38 Fig. 38.8

39 Fig

40 Fig

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