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All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care Process, criteria, structures…

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1 All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care Process, criteria, structures…

2 Funding Target funding: €8m in pledges, €4m to be raised by Institute Note: €8m is the target; the total available may be less

3 Time lines Call document expected to be released in spring 2009 Application deadline of typically 8 weeks Independent review jointly facilitated by HRB and HSC R&D Office by autumn 2009 Consortium of funders to decide on panel recommendations in autumn 2009 Institute to set up early 2010

4 Format of evaluation Will use HRB eGrants system – register as user! Will include international experts to provide peer review and some Irish/Northern Irish stakeholders to provide feasibility, impact and strategic assessment

5 Eligibility criteria Principal Applicants must: Hold a post in an established academic research centre and/or specialist palliative care setting; Have an outstanding track record in one or more of the following: research, education, or policy analysis relating to palliative and end-of-life care; Demonstrate the ability to bring together a team of co- applicants covering the multi-disciplinary, inter-organisational, cross-jurisdictional and inter-sectoral areas required to fully deliver the vision of the Institute. Co-applicants should come from a wider range of backgrounds, but must also have an established track record in policy analysis, research and training. The group must have representation from both RoI and NI.

6 Host institution The host institution must have a proven track record in the management of large awards, and in the delivery of policy and/or research and/or educational programmes. The responsibility of hosting the Institute can possibly be shared between two institutions: One institution leading the Institute’s programmes (policy, research, education programme). One institution managing the financial arrangements.

7 Application form Information on the principal applicant and co- applicants. A description of the proposed approach to implementing the strategic objectives and principles A budget identifying funds secured already and a description of the proposed strategy for fund raising and sustainability Information on the proposed Host Institution(s) and their track record regarding management of large awards, centres or institutes

8 Example of assessment criteria1 The fit with the purpose of this call; The composition of the team of applicants; The potential of the team of applicants to engage in high level international collaboration; The track record and past productivity of the principal applicant and co-applicants; The quality and rigour of the programmes of work relating to research, education and information to impact on policy and practice; Clear milestones and deliverables; A clear strategy for the involvement of policy makers and service providers in setting strategic direction;

9 Example of assessment criteria 2 The scope and strength of the proposed dissemination strategy and resource supply to service providers and policy makers, including the potential to influence policy and shape practice; The training and educational opportunities provided; The capacity development component of the programmes; Evidence that the Institute will be well managed; Evidence that institutional infrastructure and support is available to support the programme; A credible fund raising strategy; Value for money.

10 Monitoring and Evaluation The Oversight Board will have at least annual meetings with the Institute The Oversight Board will make recommendations to the Consortium of Funders An independent evaluation will be organised by the IPH

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