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How To Make More Money In A Month Than Most People Make In A Year With Your Very Own Review Site Goldmine! By Stacy Kellams.

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1 How To Make More Money In A Month Than Most People Make In A Year With Your Very Own Review Site Goldmine! By Stacy Kellams

2 What You’ll Learn  Have Other’s Create Your Content aka User Generated Content.  Use Content To Get Top Rankings.  How I Use Rankings To Build List.  How I Monetize The List Quickly.  Why Google Slap Didn’t Effect Me.  Proven System That Has Worked Without Fail For 4 Years.

3 4 Years Is A Long Time  How Many Things Have Come And Gone In Last 4 Years!  How Many “Death Of…” Reports?  I Don’t Pay Any Attention To It!  What I’m Doing Keeps Getting Better & Better Each Year!

4 My Promise To You  No Way I Can Teach You All I know About Internet Marketing Or Review Sites In The Next Hour.  You Will Know More About How To Start & Run A Profitable Review Site Than I Knew When I Started My Site 4 Years Ago.  That’s Fair Isn’t It?  So Why Am I Doing This?

5 This Is Why I’m Doing It!

6 My Story  2003 Recently Failed Business.  100k In Debt.  Full Time Real Estate Investor.  Working 60 To 80 Hours Per Week.  Totally Stressed Out.  Playing Credit Card Fandango.

7 Credit Card Fandango  I Was Paying My Visa With MasterCard, MasterCard With Discover And Discover With American Express  Totally Stressed Out

8 Investor Since 1995  Let Me Back Up For Second.  After Biz Failed Decided To Invest Again Full Time.  Never Lost Money In Real Estate.  Real Estate Is Great But The Checks Can Be Sporadic At Times.

9 Totally Stressed Out!  Had 2 Phones – Buy Phone & Sell Phone.  Working 60 To 80 Hours Per Week.  Dealing With Contractors, Agents, Buyers, Sellers…On Phone All Day.  Long Term Investor – Don’t Like To Flip.  Wanted To Find Something To Bring In Cash Consistently So I Didn’t Have To Sell Properties.

10 Then I Met “Adam”  Met At Local Real Estate Club.  He Wanted To Pick My Brain At Lunch.  Could Tell He Had Money.  Said He Was An Internet Marketer.

11 “Adam” Story Cont…  He Didn’t Like Being A Dog Trainer.  Selling His Dog Training eBook For $47.  Sold $250,000 eBooks Previous Year.  That’s When I had My First Scooby Doo Moment.

12 “Adam” Story Cont…  Went To Lunch Next Day.  Showed Me His Site.  $200 In Sales By Noon.  $250 More While At Lunch!

13 Homework Assignment  Get On Kennedy’s List – Yanik’s List – Late Great Corey Rudl’s List – etc.  Money Is In The Prospect List – Fortune Is In The Buyers List And On Back End.  101 Ways To Make Money Online.  Which Way Was Right For Me?!

14 Website Criteria  Most Websites Are Too High Maintenance  It Had To Be Part Time – Had Less Than 1 Hour Per Day For This  Wanted Something Low Maintenance And Turn Key  Didn’t Have Time Or Desire To Become An SEO Genius  Must Be Affiliate Driven – No Product Of My Own  It MUST Allow Me To Build And Control The List!

15 How did I solve this?  Decided That A Review Site Was The Way To Go.  Based On The Amazon Model  No One Was (and still isn’t) Doing Review Sites Like Mine.  Instant Credibility With Reviews!  USER GENERATED CONTENT!

16 This Stuff Works Now!  Didn’t Show That To Brag – There Are People In This Room Making More Than Me.  This Is What’s Possible With A Review Site.  This Is My Very First Website.  Most People Don’t Have This Level Of Success With Their First Website.  I’ve Taken This Site From 2k Per Month To Over 100k Per Month And I Know What It Takes To Make That Possible!






22 I Was Not Google Slapped

23 My First MAJOR Breakthrough!  Do You Want To Know What It Was?

24 Wait For It…

25 Here It Comes…

26 Tele-Seminars!  Teleseminars ROCK!!!

27 Teleseminar Story  I Didn’t Know How To Do Teleseminars.  I Thought My List Was Too Small.  Really I Was Just Scared!

28 Avg. Site Call Numbers  3% To 4% Of List Sign Up.  20% To 25% Of Sign Ups Show Up.  Average Close Ratio Is Usually Less Than 10%.

29 My Site Call Numbers  4% To 5% Of List Sign Up.  25% To 40% Of Sign Ups Show Up.  Average Close Ratio Is 13+%.

30 Next Big Break Through…

31 Forced Continuity!  I Force My Continuity Program Onto ALL My Teleseminar Buyers!  They’re My Best Customers So Why Wouldn’t I Want Them In My Continuity Program?  Force Them Softly As A “Bonus” For Taking Action And Ordering The Teleseminar Package.

32 Forced Continuity ROCKS!  Must Tell Them About It During The Call.  Give Them 60 Day Free Trial.

33 Forced Cont. Numbers  At 60 Days 80% Remain.  80 X $39.97 = $3,197.60  After 4 Months 50% Remain.  50 X $39.97 X 2 = $3,997.00  After 6 Months 33% Remain.  33 X $39.97 X 4 = $5,276.04  Total Forced Continuity Income From 2 Teleseminars Equals…  I’m Assuming 100 New Members Per Month.

34 Forced Continuity Numbers Continued… $12,470.64 Over 6 Months! Over 2k Per Month Extra Income For No Extra Work!

35 Continuity Upsells  Upsell Them After Teleseminar Registration Page.  Upsell Them On Teleseminar Recording Download Page.  Upsell Them In Confirmation Email.

36 Elements Of A Good Review Site Niche!  Continuity Potential – Very Easy To Do.  High Priced Products – The Higher The Better!  Products Being Searched For On Google?  Don’t Be Afraid Of A Crowded Niche.  Does The Niche Lend Itself To Teleseminars?  Start With What You Know, What You’re Good At And What You’re Interested In.

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