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EHEROES EC Grant Agreement Negotiations June 1, 2011 K.U.Leuven Research & Development Myriam Witvrouw.

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1 eHEROES EC Grant Agreement Negotiations June 1, 2011 K.U.Leuven Research & Development Myriam Witvrouw

2 Overview + intro LRD 1/06/2015 2

3 3  eHEROES Project will be funded  Negotiations with the EC  Administrative  Scientific  Meeting with the Project Officer  Deadline for first submission: May 26, 2011  Administrative/contractual  Online via NEF system  Grant Preparation Forms (GPFs)  Demo What to expect now?

4 1/06/2015 4  GPFs  Form A1: general information about the project  Form A2.1: Legal data (linked to PIC)  Form A2.2: Status of the organization (linked to PIC)  Form A2.3: Authorized representatives  Form A2.4: Contact persons  Form A2.5: Signature page  Form 3.1: What it costs? Can only be completed by coordinator  Indirect cost method  Budget/Funding Administrative/Contractual

5 1/06/2015 5  Continuous interactive process between EC & consortium  Opening NEF session:  Collecting partner data  Project number: 244635  Participant access key  Submission by the coordinator  Control & comments by EC  Opening new NEF session Administrative/Contractual

6 1/06/2015 6  Grant Agreement - GA  GA = contract: core grant agreement and annexes  signed between Commission & Coordinator  beneficiaries (partners) accede to the GA by signing “Form A”, countersigned by the Coordinator  Coordinator and beneficiaries are bound by the rights and obligations of the GA  Core Grant Agreement Article 1: Beneficiaries Article 2: Scope Article 3: Duration of project Article 4: Reporting periods Article 5: Maximum EC contribution Article 6: Pre-financing and contribution to Guarantee Fund Article 7: Special Clauses Article 8: Communication Article 9: Applicable Law Article 10: Application of the GA provisions Article 11: Entry into Force Administrative/Contractual

7 7 eHEROES Grant Agreement details (284461):  Start: March,1st, 2012  Duration: 36 months  Reporting periods: 2  P1: M1 – M18  P2: M19 – M36  EC max contribution: 1.999.721 EURO  Pre-financing: x EURO Guarantee Fund: 99.986,05 EURO = 5% of funding  Partners need to sign their accession form (FORM A) after the EC has signed the GA 1/06/2015

8 8  Annexes to the Grant Agreement Annex I: Technical Annex; Description of Work Annex II: General Conditions Part A: Implementation of the project Part B: Financial Provisions Part C: Intellectual Property, Use and Dissemination Annex III: Specific to funding scheme (not applicable here) Annex IV: Form A: accession form for each partner Annex V: Form B: accession form for new partners Annex VI: Form C: financial statement/funding scheme Annex VII: Form D: Forms of Reference for Certificate of Financial Statements Form E: Terms of Reference for Certificate on the methodology Administrative/Contractual

9 1/06/2015 9  Scientific  Proposal  Annex I of the Grant Agreement  Taking into account the comments in the Negotiation Mandate  Subcontracting/Third Parties involved? These should be mentioned in Annex I in order to make their costs eligible.  Budget needs to be in accordance with person months as stated in Annex I Scientific

10 1/06/2015 10 Staff effort: person months

11 1/06/2015 11 Budget

12 12 Financial Rules (1)  Eligible costs:  Actual  Incurred during duration of project  Recorded in the accounts of beneficiary  In accordance with the usual accounting and management principles  Used for the sole purpose of achieving the objectives of the project  Non-eligible costs:  Identifiable indirect taxes, including VAT  Provisions for possible future losses or charges  Etc. 1/06/2015

13 13 Financial Rules (2)  Eligible costs = direct + indirect costs  Direct costs  Personnel Additional staff and permanent staff Time recording is necessary! (productive hours; and time allocated to activities: RTD, demo, management)  Travel and subsistence  please keep minutes + receipts  travelling outside EU: Approval EC before booking  Consumables  Equipment (depreciation!)  Subcontracting (according to rules given in Annex II; CFS) 1/06/2015

14 14 Financial Rules (3)  Indirect costs  Incurred in direct relationship with direct eligible costs  Costs of administrative, technical, logistical nature  Can not be attributed in full to the project  7% 1/06/2015

15 15 Financial Aspects  Pre-financing  This money remains property of the EC  Includes amount to be transferred to the Guarantee Fund  usually between 120-160% of average of EC funding per reporting period  Interim payments  Based on Financial Statements (Form C); amounts justified and accepted  Retention  Retention of 10% of EC contribution  Final payment

16 Direct costs Categories of direct costs:  Personnel Additional staff and permanent staff Time recording is necessary! (productive hours; and time allocated to activities: RTD, demo, management)  Travel and subsistence (please keep minutes + receipts)  Consumables: directly related to the project – otherwise indirect costs  Equipment (depreciation + % usage!) 1/06/2015 16

17 Indirect costs Indirect costs:  All costs that cannot be identified as attributed directly to the project (the ‘running’ costs: electricity, heating, telephone, internet, computers, inkt cartridges…).  three methods for determing your indirect costs:  Special transition flat rate (60%)  Standard Flat rate (20%)  Real Indirect costs  will be calculated automatically in the form C when the method for determinating your indirect costs is a flat rate 1/06/2015 17

18 Maximum EC-contribution → is related to the type of activity carried out in the project:  Research and Technological Development activities 50% of eligible costs for Industries 75% of eligible costs for non profit public bodies, secondary and higher education establishments, research organizations, SMEs  Demonstration activities: 50%  Management (+ CFS): 100%  Other activities (e.g. dissemination/training): 100% 1/06/2015 18

19 Certificate on Financial statement (CFS) –Mandatory when requested funding of beneficiary is above 375.000 Euro (not applicable for partners) –CFS needed at the moment of reporting –CFS provided by: Independent qualified auditor Public bodies, secondary and higher education establishments and research organisations may opt for a competent Public Officer –Costs claimed under Subcontracting under Management Activities Please note: The Commission may, at any time during the implementation of the project, and up to five years after the end of the project, arrange for financial audits to be carried out. 1/06/2015 19

20 Payments: Example 3 reporting periods EC-contribution = 3.000.0000 EUR  average per year 1.000.000 EUR  retention = 300.000 EUR  ceiling = 2.700.000 EUR Cumulative  Pre-financing (160% of average EC-funding): 1.600.000 EUR1.600.000 EUR  minus amount to Guarantee Fund (150.000 EUR) = Net amount to be transferred1.450.000 EUR  1st interim payment = justified and accepted EC-contribution1.000.000 EUR2.600.000 EUR  2nd interim payment = justified and accepted EC-contribution1.000.000 EUR  Amount to be transferred taking 100.000 EUR2.700.000 EUR into account ceiling  Final payment –Retention 10% of total EC-contribution300.000 EUR3.000.000 EUR (Contribution to guarantee Fund)150.000 EUR 1/06/2015 20

21 1/06/2015 21 Consortium Agreement Consortium Agreement - CA, to govern: –The internal organisation of the consortium –The distribution of the Community financial contribution –Additional rules on dissemination and use including intellectual property rights arrangements, as appropriate –The settlement of internal disputes –Liability, indemnification and confidentiality agreements between the participants

22 1/06/2015 22 Links and Documents Useful Links: –CORDIS – homepage FP7: Useful documents: –Grant Agreement + Annex II –Guide to Financial Issues –Guidance Notes for beneficiaries and auditors –Guidance Notes on Project Reporting

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