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Chapters 23 and 24 The Scarlet Letter

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1 Chapters 23 and 24 The Scarlet Letter
Andrea and Bella

2 Chapter 23 Summary Dimessdale completes the best, most inspiring sermon he has ever given to the townspeople. As everyone is leaving he hesitates and calls for Hester and Pearl to join him on the scaffold, he confesses that he is a sinner and reveals an unusual, unknown mark on his chest. After confessing the minister collapses and Pearl finally kisses him and Chillingworth becomes upset. Hester questions Dimmesdale about their afterlives and he says that it is up to God to decide and dies.

3 Chapter 24 Summary The aftermath of Dimmesdale’s death is explained and people question his death and the marking on his chest. Chillingworth passes away and leaves money to Pearl, and she and Hester flee the town. Hester’s story becomes a legend and is told throughout the town, Hester later returns to Boston and continues her charity work until she passes away. She is buried next to Dimmesdale and they share a headstone that bares the scarlet letter.

4 You will not be at peace until you confess your sins
Themes You will not be at peace until you confess your sins Confessing sin can help you find your true identity

5 Symbols The mark on Dimmesdale’s chest is symbol of guilt and secrecy
Pearl is a symbol of Hester and Dimmesdale’s sin and she is a punishment as well as a blessing. The scaffold is a symbol of the beginning and end of Hesters’s problems

6 Characters Hester Prynne- Main character and the bearer of the scarlet letter. She is very strong and passionate. Pearl- The result of Hester’s commitment of adultery. She is very mischievous and curious and also passionate of things Chillingworth- Hester’s husband. He is very bitter and evil and only wants revenge and is angry when his plans fall apart Dimmesdale- The reverend and also the father of Pearl. He is full of guilt but dies a relieved soul

7 Romantic and Puritan Ideas
The Puritans were dull and sad and the sin of adultery committed by the minister and Hester proved that the Puritan Life wasn’t as perfect as the sought it out to be.

8 Literary Devices Hawthorne uses a chiasmus in chapter 2 when Hester stands on the scaffold as the town condemns her as guilty, then in chapter 24 Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold and condemns himself in chapter 23 In chapter 24 Chillingworth’s death foreshadows Hester’s freedom

9 Quiz What do people think of Dimmesdales sermon? a. it is boring
b it is the best one he has ever written c they laugh d they hate it

10 Quiz What is the mark on Dimmesdales chest? Hesters name “A”
it is unknown “liar”

11 Quiz How does Chillingworth feel when Dimmesdale confesses? Happy Sad
Upset Relieved

12 Quiz 4. What does Pearl do to Dimmesdale before he dies? a. She kicks him b. Gives him a kiss c. Gives him a hug d. Runs away from him

13 Quiz 5. How do the townspeople react when Dimmesdale confesses?
They are confused They are mad They are happy They blame Hester

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