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The Scarlet Letter Chapters 21 & 22

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1 The Scarlet Letter Chapters 21 & 22
Channing Burleson and Caleigh anuszkiewicz

2 Chapter 21 Summary In chapter 21 there is another Gathering in the marketplace, only this time its to celebrate the new governor instead of punishing Hester Prynne. They wait in the market place surrounded by strange faces of towns people even the sailors from the ship Hester and Dimmesdale were going to ride on to escape to Europe were there. At the celebration Pearl asks her mother if the minister is going to publically acknowledge her and her mother at the celebration. Hester ignores Pearl and begins to imagine the escape, finally she will be free from the years of isolation. Come to find out, Chillingworth will be accompanying Hester on her escape boat. One of the sailors informs Hester that Chillingworth will be the doctor on the ship. Hester anticipation for her escape was soon shattered.

3 Chapter 22 Summary In chapter 22 the celebration continues with a march of soldiers and town leaders. Dimmesdale marches with the towns leaders and Hester notices how healthy and energetic he looks. A few days have pasted since Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale met in the forest and Pearl hardly even recognizes Dimmesdale at the celebration. Pearl tells Hester that if she recognized Dimmesdale sooner she would have ran to him and kissed him as he had done to her in the forest. Hester watches Dimmesdale during the march and starts to questions their plan to escape to Europe. At this time Mistress Hibbins approaches Hester to talk about Dimmesdale his hidden sin will soon be known to the town. Hester then gets on the scaffold during the sermon, at this time pearl is wandering the marketplace to send a message to Hester that Chillingworth will bring Dimmesdale aboard with him and Hester can take care or herself and Pearl. Next thing Hester knows is that the whole town is staring at her, this reminds her of the sin displayed on her chest.

4 Themes You can never really escape your sins
People will go through extreme measures for true love

5 Symbols and their meanings
The author refers to Pearl as being a bird which symbolizes faith freedom and travel. The ship symbolizes Hester running away from her sin and isolation thinking that they will not follow her in her future.

6 Characters Hester- she was once a woman who was isolated from society because of her sin and now she has gained the strength to put aside her sorrows to try and escape her isolation and move into freedom. Dimmesdale- he was once reluctant to face the public with his sin and now he has decided to step up and be a father figure to pearl. Chillingworth- he has always had an agenda to get revenge and that still hasn’t changed Pearl- she is still innocent to the truth of the scarlet letter

7 Literary Devices Metaphor- “…to guess that this bright and sunny apparition owed its existence to the shape of gloomy gray…” Allusion- Mistress Hibbins is a woman know as Anne Hibbins who is executed for witchcraft Foreshadowing- when Hester figures out Chillingworth is joining them on their trip it foreshadows the plans falling apart

8 QUIZ 1. What is happening in the marketplace?
2. What are the people celebrating? 3.Who will be joining Hester and Dimmesdale on the ship? 4.What message is Pearl supposed to send to her mother? 5. Who looks healthier and more energetic?

9 Answers 1. A celebration 2. the new governor 3. Chillingworth
4. that Chillingworth will bring Dimmesdale to the ship 5. Dimmesdale

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