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Specialized Wireless Solutions Industrial Networking Wireless Mobility Service Provider Wi-Fi Professional Hotspot.

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1 Specialized Wireless Solutions Industrial Networking Wireless Mobility Service Provider Wi-Fi Professional Hotspot

2  Pepwave is a leading Specialized Wireless Solutions provider  Complete product range for all wireless projects

3 Context and Challenge  Wireless is becoming an essential part of modern data networking  More application requires reliable product that has specialized features, e.g.  Meter Reading  Video Surveillance  Remote Access  These applications require specialized hardware, software and a good integration to produce a product that works.  Pepwave provides specialized product for the market by designing custom hardware and software

4 TruePower RF Engineering Pepwave has engineered our devices with up to 5 times the output power than competing products! Our premium 500mW radio can gives you up to 8X coverage increase, better resistance to interference, and more reliable connections. TruePower RF Engineering

5 Industrial Grade Components Intelligent design and quality components make Pepwave an excellent choice for providing reliable service where other equipment fails. Pepwave Outdoor equipment has a standard temperature range of -40C° to 75C ° Industrial Grade

6 All Weather Solutions Wireless deployment is not just for Office. Pepwave provide outdoor model for all products. Enhance the service coverage by simply deploy outdoor. All Weather Enclosure

7 InControl Centralized Management Our powerful central management system lets you maintain several configuration profiles and apply them to custom groups of Pepwave devices. Centralized Management

8 Industrial Networking  Reliable Wireless for Data Devices  Traffic Signal Control  Automated Meter Reading  Video Surveillance

9 Mesh Connector Connector Family  Industrial Wireless Repeater  Long Range Client Bridge (Layer 2)  Vendor Neutral  Reliability in Extreme Environments  Extreme Temperature Range (-40C to 75C)  Instant Wireless Connectivity for Industrial and IP Devices  Extensive Frequency Options

10 Mesh Connector Connector Family  Connect IP Video Cameras for Wireless Surveillance  Connect Industrial and Municipal Service Devices  Extend Coverage of an Existing Wi-Fi Network

11  Application - Wi-Fi Receiver and Repeater Receive Signal Repeat Signal Ethernet Connectivity for Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) Mesh Connector Source Signal (e.g. City Wi-Fi) Mesh Connector Connector Family

12  For Video Surveillance  Example: Large Construction Site where cabling would not be flexible.  Use PolePoint with Mesh Connector

13  Traffic Signal Control for Abu Dhabi City Wi-Fi

14 Wireless Mobility  Wireless Connectivity in Motion  Digital Video Streaming  Roaming Internet Access

15 CarFi Mobility Family  Reliable Wi-Fi Access on the Move  Specialized Fast Roaming Algorithms  Easy Installation  Extensive Frequency Option

16 CarFi Mobility Family  In Car Media Access  Mobile Video Streaming  Fleet Tracking

17  Tucson, AZ  Police Vehicle Video Dump  CarFi allows fast connectivity as soon as the car reaches the Police Station

18 TrainFi Mobility Family  Specialized Wi-Fi modem for Trains  Always-on connectivity  Ultra-fast Roaming  1+1 Backup (High Availability) Support  Site Profiling

19 TrainFi Mobility Family  Digital Content and Video Streaming  In-Car Video Surveillance

20 Direction of Train Signal Strength Distance TrainFi Mobility Family

21  Train Mobility:  Trains are moving at 50~75 miles/hr.  Fast roaming (switching to a new AP)  Intelligent roaming decisions (when is the best time to roam)  Industrial grade  Meeting the stringent requirements for use in trains! Ordinary CPEs simply cannot meet most of the requirements. TrainFi Mobility Family

22  Guangzhou Metro  Aruba AP in Tunnel  Pepwave TrainFi on Trains

23 MAX mobile router Mobility Family  Mobile Internet Load Balancing Router  6 mobile WAN connections  Seamless Mobile Connectivity Anywhere  Site-to-Site VPN functionality  Bandwidth Bonding  Built-in Dual Wi-Fi for WAN and Local Access Point

24 MAX mobile router Mobility Family  Mission Critical  Reliable Wireless with Minimal Infrastructure  Remote Access  High Speed Internet Application at Anywhere

25 MAX mobile router Mobility Family Supported BrandsSupported Carrier

26  Connect to VSAT / 3G / Wi-Fi  Competition with Cisco MARS

27 Service Provider Wi-Fi  The Standard for Long Range Wireless  Long Range Backhaul  Residential Wi-Fi CPE

28 Surf Receiver Family  The Ultimate User Friendly, Long Range CPE  De-facto Choice for Citywide Wi-Fi CPE  Service Provider Features with InControl Central Management  Multi-Zone re-broadcast AP

29 Surf Receiver Family  Pepwave Surf has been chosen as the recommended CPE for various city wide Wi-Fi deployments



32 Professional Hotspots  No Hassle Hotspots and Guest Portals  Wi-Fi Hotspot with Guest Portal  Business WLAN

33 PolePoint & OfficePoint Access Point Family  Industrial and Commercial Networking  Public Safety and Security Networks  Large Scale Hotspot Deployments


35  For connecting ticket machine wirelessly

36 InControl  Web 2.0 Centralized Management Solution  Hosted on Amazon Cloud

37 InControl

38 Central Management System

39 Pepwave Headquarters 17/F, Park Building 476 Castle Peak Road Cheung Sha Wan Hong Kong Tel:+852.2990.7600 Fax:+852.3007.0588 Pepwave USA 800 West El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040 Tel:+1.650.351.1038 Fax:+1.866.625.4664  Sales:  Support:

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